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Forget the Cold Showers

For all emergency repairs or routine maintenance, Jim's Plumbing is your 24/7 local hot water specialists who are ready for anything. Our technicians have repaired countless hot water systems across Australia with over 15 years' experience on the job. If you need us in the morning, late at night, or on a public holiday, call now.
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Forget the Cold Showers

For all emergency repairs or routine maintenance, Jim's Plumbing is your 24/7 local hot water specialists who are ready for anything. Our technicians have repaired countless hot water systems across Australia with over 15 years' experience on the job. If you need us in the morning, late at night, or on a public holiday, call now.

Your Local Hot Water Plumber

No one wants a freezing shower on Monday morning, or cold soapy water to try and scrape off last night’s leftovers off the dishes. When hot water systems go cold and emergency plumbing or hot water repairs are needed, you can count on Jim's Plumbing.

You’ll find us in all major cities. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with local licensed technicians ready to go. Jim's Plumbing is here to provide timely plumbing services with a smile and our hot water experts always have a solution.

Whether it’s a faulty thermostat, a burst pipe or even a gas leak, with our 15 years’ plus experience nothing is a mystery to us. General maintenance or installation, replacements and repairs, it's all part of our repertoire.

We also specialise in weekend and public holiday services with no additional fees for after hours attendance or jobs. Meanwhile, with a $0 deposit interest free payment plan there's no reason to put off any urgent hot water system repairs.

To discover more about how we can get your hot water back on track, contact us now.

Hot Water Services and Repairs

From a routine service to the replacement of a 15 year old storage tank, Jim’s Plumbing is proud to provide same day service on all jobs. Our expertise also includes gas fitting, solar hot water and emergency plumbing.

If you're after a hot water service today, that's easy. All of our vans are fully stocked and close by. There's always a local technician ready to tackle the next job - yours!

Our qualified hot water specialists can:

  • Repair, replace and install any hot water system
  • Test the thermostat, providing repairs or replacement if necessary
  • Perform a carbon monoxide detection test or gas leak detection
  • Check parts such as the tempering valve, Mildred valve or relief valves
  • Assess the gas burner or electric heating element and replace if necessary
  • Flush an electric storage tank
  • Replace any damaged pipes, insulation or the sacrificial anode

Plus much more! Jim's Plumbing offers a vast array of repair services for all hot water parts. No matter how big or small the problem is, we can fix it quickly.

You can book a prompt service with one of our fully qualified hot water specialists today. Just call our friendly call centre team now to lock in an expert.

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Instantaneous Gas Hot Water Systems

One of the most efficient types of hot water units is the instantaneous gas hot water systems. Also known as continuous flow, water is heated on demand, unlike an electric storage tank which has to keep water hot day and night. So as the water flows through the unit it’s warmed by a gas burner.

Gas hot water systems are easily recognisable as a small wall mounted box on the outside (or occasionally inside) your home. There are also gas storage tanks, although the tall box has fallen out of favour.

Thanks to the natural gas fuel source you’re heating water at just one third of the price electricity does.

But if that gas ignition starts flickering and the pilot light goes out, or your hot water keeps fluctuating, you need a fast solution.

Jim’s Plumbing has fully qualified gas fitters available for emergency repairs, general maintenance and upkeep, plus dedicated installation.

We can source and supply brand new gas hot water systems if needed, and also ensure any gas connections are safe and secure. So if it’s time to for a service or you just need a plumber now, call Jim’s Plumbing.

Electric Hot Water Systems

Most Australians are familiar with electric hot water systems, recognising the large storage tank often found in a backyard. They store a serious amount of water, some up to 400 litres, and provide a constant supply of steaming hot water.

It's a great system for larger households with peak demand periods. Low installation pricing also makes it a very enticing water heater.

However, over the years the high running costs have developed into a major drawback. As water is heated inside the tank, ambient heat energy is lost despite insulation. While it's not a major concern for everyone, here at Jim's Plumbing we recommend you always go for the most energy efficient electric hot water system.

Electric hot water is a reliable choice for households where gas is not an option. Many opt for solar power to reduce the costs, while others go for water saving methods like shorter showers.

The key to efficiency is knowing just what your home needs. You want a system which can meet your home's demands and is suited to factors like weather conditions, space requirements, etc.

And when it does come to hot water installation or servicing, Jim's Plumbing offers expert advice. We'll make sure you have the best set up possible.

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

For something a touch different, why not go for a heat pump? Using a combination of electricity and warm air converted to heat, the influx of renewable energy will save you money over the years.

Compared to traditional electric hot water systems, heat pumps are far more efficient. They can create up to three times as much heat energy, which is perfect for any home.

As it relies on warm air hot conditions are best, although heat pumps can perform well in cooler locales. It just may not be as effective. Plus, the sound can be quite loud as the fan draws in external air while in use.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar hot water systems harness the sun’s energy and are undoubtedly the most efficient hot water system on the market. There are certainly upsides to solar, like reduced carbon emissions and low running costs.

Some of the best benefits of using solar hot water systems include:

  • Low running costs and cheap energy bills
  • Utilises renewable energy
  • Very efficient in sunny climates
  • Maximises potential output in cooler/overcast climates

The initial price of solar hot water systems is often the biggest obstacle for many homeowners, however over the lifetime of the appliance you more than make up for it. You can enjoy lifetime service and a consistent supply.

Meanwhile, when the clouds do roll in, either a gas or electric booster will ensure you still have 100 per cent output. Nothing can stop solar.

Hot Water System Installation

At Jim’s Plumbing, we supply a range of different hot water heaters for installation or replacement. Solar hot watergas hot water and electric hot water, from Rinnai to Rheem – we have the expertise to guide you through your purchase. If we don’t stock the particular brand of hot water system you prefer, we can order it in for you. Some factors to consider when choosing the right hot water system include:

  • What type of energy you can use (gas, solar or electric)
  • What size system you need (this depends on numerous factors such as the number of bathrooms, number of residents and how much hot water you use)
  • Space considerations for indoors and outdoors – this will help you determine where your system should be installed around your home or office.
  • Features required such as temperature controls, warranty etc.

Hot Water System Brands

With a smorgasbord of reputable brand names on offer, it's hard to know which one to choose. That's where Jim's Plumbing steps in.

Our experienced technicians can provide invaluable insight so you always make the right choice! We can also source, supply and install all major hot water brands across Australia. From the Rinnai Infinity to the Rheem Continuous Flow, we are proud to work with the best.

And no matter what stage of life your hot water system is at, our specialists can look after it. They undertake regular training to remain up to date with the latest brand name models.

Not sure who we do work with? No problem. Some of our most popular brands include:

Plus many more! Just call us today and ask how we can look after your water heater.

24 Hour Emergency Hot Water Services

When your hot water runs ice cold you need help. Jim's Plumbing provides prompt and dependable 24/7 emergency plumbing services at all times.

It doesn’t matter if it’s late on a weekend evening or the morning of a public holiday, our local hot water experts are always on call. You won't have to wait long for fast and efficient repairs from our licensed team.

We always pride ourselves on service within an hour* and a local plumber will be on site to help in no time.

Every plumber drives a fully stocked van to ensure hot water repairs can happen on the spot. Just because an emergency takes place at 10pm doesn't mean you should wait until the next day for it to be fixed.

That's why Jim's Plumbing should be your first choice for any emergency hot water repair.

Hot Water System Prices

Our plumbers provide fixed price quotes on the spot so you know exactly what the cost of a new hot water system is. The same goes for repairs or servicing. After an initial assessment, you'll know just what the job will cost.

And if it's a hot water emergency you won't have to worry about the unexpected bills. Thanks to our $0 deposit, interest free payment plans you won't have to pay anything upfront for friendly hot water repairs.

That's right, $0 hot water services! An interest free plan is a flexible way to evenly spread out payments into weekly or fortnightly instalments. You can also use a payment plan option for any job, not just emergencies.

Contact us now to learn more, or to book a job!

Hot Water System Service Areas

We service all metropolitan areas, including Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Geelong, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

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Super Reliable Work

Terry came down within half an hour of being called to Mt Barker to repair a burst pipe. He was super friendly, eager to work and got straight into the job. Super reliable.
Nick, SA 5 stars rating

Great Service

Peter did a great job! He took the time to clearly explain the issues and solutions, His work was very neat and efficient. Would highly recommend to others seeking the same.
Prasadhi, VIC 5 stars rating

Fantastic Weekend Service

Nick was fantastic. Very friendly, informative honest and helpful. Prompt too. We did not expect anyone to come out so quickly on a weekend either!
Sharon, QLD 5 stars rating
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