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Electric Hot Water System

Need help with your electric hot water system?

Let our experienced plumbers repair or replace your electric hot water system. At Jim’s Plumbing, we’ve been servicing, repairing and installing hot water systems for more than 15 years! We know the best brands and how to handle the worst problems.
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Need help with your electric hot water system?

Let our experienced plumbers repair or replace your electric hot water system. At Jim’s Plumbing, we’ve been servicing, repairing and installing hot water systems for more than 15 years! We know the best brands and how to handle the worst problems.

Electric Hot Water System Repairs

When your electric hot water system requires repairs, or you need to replace a unit, you want to call Jim's Plumbing. You'll find our licensed technicians operating 24/7 in all major Australian cities.

With a team brimming full of experience and knowledge you know there is always an answer to your hot water woes within 1 hour* of your call.

Jim's Plumbing can take care of your:

Our technicians are experienced in all elements of hot water, meaning we can look after solar, heat pump or electric technology.

We also work with all leading brand names, such as Rinnai, Dux or Rheem. Thanks to our close relationship with all brands we can provide fast and efficient hot water system repairs with quick access to important parts.

Alongside our same day service that means the customer always benefits and there’s no need to wait for days without hot water. You get instant repairs and long term solutions you can be proud about.

Give us a call today and we will answer all of your electric hot water questions!

Storage Tank Hot Water Systems

The most traditional hot water system around, electric storage tanks are also sadly the most expensive to run.

While the modern day electric hot water systems are more energy efficient than predecessors from even 10 years ago, the cost of heating water 24/7 can be quite high.

However, sometimes there is no alternative and that’s okay. Jim’s Plumbing is on call to help you compare the costs and efficiency of storage tank systems so you can enjoy lower running costs.

With high energy consumption that heats water throughout the day, there is one major positive – a large hot water supply. Add in a large capacity that could range from 250 litres to 400 litres and there is always steaming hot water for a busy household.

If you own an electric storage tank, one of the most important aspects of ownership is maintenance. We’re available when you need for a yearly service that can take care of all internal parts.

Jim’s Plumbing can monitor the performance of your thermocouple or tempering valve, replace sacrificial anodes once they rust out, and drain the tank when necessary. This removes any built up sediment inside.

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Instantaneous Electric Hot Water

Instantaneous electric hot water systems, also called continuous flow, does exactly what the name suggests. They heat water instantly so you can enjoy hot water on demand and not waste energy heating a large tank!

Every time a tap is turned on, the water is heated electrically before flowing through the outlet.

Instantaneous hot water systems are typically fuelled by gas fuelled with electric ignition, however, there are pure electric models available. Compared to a storage tank they are more efficient, using energy as you need it.

When space is a problem you can also install the electric instantaneous water heater inside as no flue or ventilation is required like a gas hot water system.

We also work with all of the top electric continuous flow brands, including Rinnai and Stiebel Eltron.

Jim’s Plumbing can help with all of your instant electric hot water system needs. Whether you’re looking to install a new model, repair your existing model, or just find out more, contact us.

Hot Water System Installation

Installing electric hot water systems is a specialised task that takes precision and accuracy. Trust us, the last thing you want is an off balance tank or a nasty water leaks.

That’s why you want to call upon Jim’s Plumbing for expert hot water installation! Our licensed technicians will assess your home for the perfect location and ensure all facets of the installation process are up to Australian standards.

This is especially important when electricity and plumbing mix. Your wires – or pipework – certainly shouldn’t get crossed.

Our experience with a wide range of hot water units means we can provide the best service. Jim’s customers always benefit from tailored solutions and speedy replacement when the time comes.

Electric Hot Water Heater Price

At Jim’s Plumbing, we offer competitive prices for all electric water heater services. We never charge additional fees for after hours service, which means you can enjoy the same quality rates on weekends, weekdays or even public holidays.

There are no unexpected surprises. Best of all, we offer our customers flexible payment options** that don’t need a deposit and don’t gain interest. Nothing is better than a comforting electric hot water system price which you can easily divide up the costs of.

Your plumber can even sign you up on site and once approved we can start work straight away! You’ll have hot water in the blink of an eye.

So don’t delay work to your electric hot water system any longer. Contact the team at Jim’s Plumbing today.

Electric Hot Water System Service Areas

We service all metropolitan areas of: Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Geelong, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

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Super Reliable Work

Terry came down within half an hour of being called to Mt Barker to repair a burst pipe. He was super friendly, eager to work and got straight into the job. Super reliable.
Nick, SA 5 stars rating

Great Service

Peter did a great job! He took the time to clearly explain the issues and solutions, His work was very neat and efficient. Would highly recommend to others seeking the same.
Prasadhi, VIC 5 stars rating

Fantastic Weekend Service

Nick was fantastic. Very friendly, informative honest and helpful. Prompt too. We did not expect anyone to come out so quickly on a weekend either!
Sharon, QLD 5 stars rating
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