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Rheem hot water system

Rheem Hiline

The Rheem Hiline series is a fantastic hot water heating option for warmer tropical climates such as Queensland. This is because it has no frost protection included, so southern states with colder winters would not be recommended for this hot water unit. However the premier range of Hiline solar hot water heaters does have frost protection for colder climates. There are two separate ranges of Rheem Hiline hot water systems, each with their own individual selection of models within. The basic range, the Rheem Hiline has four models available whilst the Rheem Hiline Premiere has added features and 3 separate models.

Rheem Hiline Solar Hot Water Range

The Rheem Hiline series has four models, these are…
– 52L180
– 52L300
– 52S160
– 52S300

The main difference between these models is the tank size, with the 160 and 180 being ideal for 1-2 people and the 300 being ideal for up to 5 people. All models use a thermosiphon method to heat water. This means that water is stored in tubes that are exposed to direct sunlight in order to heat the water. However, in periods of little sun light, the water can be heated by an electric or gas powered booster.

This is where the other big difference in these models comes into play. The ’L’ models do not come standard with a booster system, however, they do give you a choice between a gas or electric boosting system to attach to it. Meanwhile the ‘S’ series comes standard with an electric booster system.

Overall, the Rheem Hiline series is a great option for warmer, tropical climates with good quality drinking water.

Rheem Hiline Premier Range

The Rheem Hiline Premier range is fundamentally the same as its predecessor, however, it does come standard with frost protection, making it suitable for any climate in Australia. There are 3 different models…- 52C300- 52H180- 52H300Similar to the standard range of Hiline solar hot water systems, the premier range differ mainly in the size of the units’ tanks and the fact that some come with boosters attached and some don’t.

The C300 will not come with any booster, but does then give you the choice between gas or electric, while the ‘H’ series will come with electric boosters included, as well as longer warranties of 7 years as opposed to 5 years on the ‘C’ model.

Rheem Hiline Solar Installation, Service & Repair

When you need services for a Rheem Hiline solar unit, whether it be installation or repair, Jim’s Plumbing is your local hot water expert. We’re never more than an hour* away from you and service all metropolitan areas of Australia, 24/7. This means you’ll never be kept waiting too long for a hot water service. We also offer $0 deposit, interest free payment plans** so that you can manage your finances accordingly, and still get yourself that new hot water system you’ve been wanting, or get your current one repaired without the stress of big upfront payments.

Call Jim’s Plumbing today for more information or to book a service for a Rheem Hiline solar hot water system today.

Rheem 52S160 Hiline Solar hot water heater

Rheem 52S160 Hiline Solar hot water heater (non-frost) features

For a warmer climate the Rheem Hiline 52S160 solar hot water heater is ideal. Suitable for 1-2 people with a 160 litre capacity storage tank and 1 solar collector. An electric solar booster is included as standard which will provide up to 80 litres of hot water when the sun fails to shine.

The Rheem Hiline 52S160 is a roof mounted solar system which uses a thermosiphon method. The water is passed through the solar collector to be heated and the circulated back to the tank to be stored. No moving parts are required, which makes this close-coupled solar system not only highly efficient but also reduces the requirements of part repairs or replacements.

The Rheem Hiline 52S160 is a durable, reliable and quality solar hot water heater backed by Rheem’s 5 year cylinder and collector warranty, 3 years cylinder labour and 1 year parts and labour.

Rheem 52S300 Hiline Solar hot water heater (non-frost) features

For a larger home with up to 5 residents the Rheem Hiline 52S300 is the ideal energy efficient hot water solution. There is no frost protection included which makes this system suitable for tropical climates that have a good water quality supply.

With a huge 300 litre tank capacity and 2 solar collectors this roof mounted solar system is the perfect family hot water heater that will reduce your greenhouse emissions and significantly save you money going forwards on your energy bills.

There’ll be little chance of you having a cold shower when you have the Rheem Hiline 52S300 solar system installed as it comes with a 160L electric booster as standard, which will kick in to provide hot water when you need it most.

With a 5 year warranty on the cylinder and collectors, 3 years warranty on cylinder labour and 1 year parts and labour you can always rely on Rheem.

Rheem 52S300 Hiline Solar hot water heater

No Interest Ever!* Payment Plan Options Available

No Interest Ever!* payment plan options available on hot water heater replacements to help ease any financial stress this burden may cause. If your rheem hot water heater is leaking, or you have no hot water, we can often have a plumber to you within the hour*.

Do you want a Rheem Hiline Solar powered hot water heater supplied and installed with interest free terms?

A new hot water heater can be an expensive purchase and solar hot water can be the most costly to buy – although their ongoing benefits are more than worth it.

If a highly efficient solar hot water is the way that you would like to go for your home then call the hot water experts from Jim’s Plumbing.

Our fully qualified Rheem specialists can provide you with a free, no obligation quote on the supply and installation of the ideal Rheem solar hot water heater to suit your hot water heating demands.

Our prices are extremely competitive, our service is second to none and we have interest free payment plans* available to ease any financial pressure that a new hot water heater purchase may cause.

At Jim’s Plumbing we have plumbers in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra covering all metropolitan areas 24/7. We guarantee a same day service and can even have a plumber to your door in an hour* if you have a hot water emergency – such as no hot water.

We are the Rheem hot water heater repair, replacement and new installation experts here for you WHENEVER you need us.

Call your local plumber from Jim’s to find out more about the Rheem Hiline solar hot water heater and if it’s the right fit for your lifestyle and your home.

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Choosing the Correct Hot Water System

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