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Need a plumber in Geelong?

When it comes to plumbing service, you should go with a name that you trust, one that's got a load of experience, and is loved by customers countrywide. That's right, Jim's Plumbing has the answer to all your plumbing service needs.
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Need a plumber in Geelong?

When it comes to plumbing service, you should go with a name that you trust, one that's got a load of experience, and is loved by customers countrywide. That's right, Jim's Plumbing has the answer to all your plumbing service needs.

Plumbing Services

If you are looking for the best plumbers in Geelong, look no further than Jim's Plumbing. We have over 15 years in the industry and a fleet of qualified and friendly plumbers. Jim’s Plumbing services the Geelong area for all our helpful plumbing solutions. When you need a plumber you’re always going to want one that can do it all, such as us here at Jim’s Plumbing. We can do a range of different plumbing services and there’s nothing we can’t do. From South Geelong to Corio, we service all of Geelong and its surrounding areas.

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Emergency Plumber Geelong

Emergency plumbing is our speciality in Geelong and its surrounding areas. We understand that your plumbing problems are often going to come at horrible times. Like late at night when you’re just getting ready to go to bed, and a pipe decides to burst. This is always going to be an emergency and that’s why Jim’s Plumbing operates 24/7 for your plumbing service. You can call us at any time on any day, even public holidays, and we’ll be there. Jim’s Plumbing is a reputable name within the plumbing service industry.

To ensure customer satisfaction, we work in line with our Quality Assurance Guarantee. This includes having access to our specialised plumbers in Geelong 24/7, even within the hour*. No matter the day or time, we are here for you.

Our plumbers arrive at your home with a fully stocked van, prepared to solve whatever plumbing problem they might face on the spot.

Hot Water Systems

Hot water systems or water heaters are one of the most common things we have to repair or replace. No-one wants to be without hot water at any time, which is why Jim's is available at any time for plumbing services. We repair or replace all types of hot water system in Geelong including electric storage, solar, heat pump and continuous flow. We even deal with the old fashioned gravity feed systems you still occasionally find in the ceiling space. As for brands, we work with all of the leading hot water plumbing service manufacturers. We can even provide a same day service within the hour*!

Whether you've got a major leak or the pilot light is simply out, we've done it all. It's often the case that when your hot water system goes wrong it is showing its age. Hot water systems are designed to last for a long time and for most people they are very much out of sight, out of mind. Until they stop delivering hot water. We all hope that the problem can be fixed with a replacement part, but all too frequently serious problems with your old hot water system mean that it is time for a new hot water system. But the money you have to spend in the case of a hot water replacement can be used to save you money in the long run.

There have been great leaps forward in the efficiency of new hot water systems.  If your current failing hot water comes from an old energy guzzling electric storage tank, a replacement gas continuous flow or, even better, a solar hot water system will dramatically reduce your bills. We even provide a same day service* for all your hot water service needs.

Maybe you have just completed bathroom renovations and need a new hot water system to match. With 15 years experience, we provide the best plumbing services. We can even provide a same day service* in Geelong and the surrounding areas. Contact us for hot water service.

Do You Need a Toilet Plumber in Geelong?

A working toilet is essential. Luckily for you, we have plumbers in Geelong and the surrounding areas. We take the basic amenity of a properly flushing toilet for granted. You only notice it when it starts playing up.  The main things that can go wrong with the toilet are that it won't stop flushing with the water constantly tricking into the pan or the dreaded blockage which renders the toilet unusable.

A lot of people have a go at fixing cisterns, but once a cistern starts to leak it generally means that a part has worn out and failed. You have to recognise exactly which part and then try to source it.  It's a lot easier and saves a great deal of time to have a professional plumber sort it out. A good deal fewer people try to take on a blocked toilet.

Having the right equipment for the job makes a huge difference and you can be confident that Jim's toilet plumbers have everything all the way up to a hydro jet machine that shifts anything with highly pressurised water. Contact us for plumbers in Geelong.

Leaking Taps

Taps don't last forever and their parts need to be replaced regularly. At Jim's Plumbing, we don't just replace washers in leaking taps, we ensure that the tap is properly repaired and make sure the new washer provides an optimum seal by reseating the tap.  But it's not just the washer that can wear out.  Why waste time trying to get at the cartridge in a mixer tap when you can get Jim's to sort it out in a jiffy?  And it's a lot of fun selecting fancy new tapware to add some bling to the bathroom, but not so much fun to install it all.  For Jim's, it's a cinch. Plumbing Geelong is our speciality. Contact us to have your leaking taps fixed today. Maybe you have other plumbing Geelong needs? We can help with plumbing Geelong.

Burst Pipes

While many plumbing emergencies might be debatable depending on who you ask, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't think a burst pipe is an emergency. Yes, you can just turn the mains water off, but that means your home will be without water and nobody wants that.

Our plumbers in Geelong understand how challenging this can be and don't want you to go long without water. That's why our plumbers are available 24/7 and can be just 1 hour* away for plumbing emergencies and general maintenance. Whether it's a weekend or late at night during the week, we have plumbers on standby in Geelong ready to help. And the best part of all? We charge the same rates regardless ofat day or time you need us!

Gas Fitting

All of our Geelong plumbers double as gas fitters.  They are fully qualified and licensed to work on all gas appliances and can install everything from gas heating systems to BBQs.  With its famously cold winters, Geelong and the surrounding areas have plenty of gas heaters and Jim's can service them all.  We do carbon monoxide testing to ensure everything is safe. Jim's Plumbing is your best bet if you suspect a leak because we can get someone out to you on the double at any time on any day. Same day service* is our speciality.

Dishwasher Installation

If you've bought a new dishwasher and found that fitting it isn't quite as easy as it looks, you should call upon the expertise of Jim's Plumbing to do the job for you. We can provide a same day service* and it doesn't matter what brand of dishwasher you have, Jim's can sort it out. Dishwasher installation is something we do regularly and we are thoroughly familiar with all of the major brands including Bosch, LG, Miele and much more!

Blocked Drains

Jim's Plumbing has years of experience when it comes to blocked drains in Geelong.  We can clear or, if absolutely necessary, replace virtually any drain, be it stormwater or sewer.  Electric drain machines and CCTV drain inspection are part of our armoury when unblocking your drains.  The big gun is the hydro jet machine that can shift tree roots with a highly pressurised blast.  We can also fix broken drains with a process called pipe relining so that no excavation is needed. Contact us for more information about blocked drains or our plumbers in Geelong and the surrounding areas.

Interest Free Plumber

More often than not you're calling a plumber because of an unexpected plumbing emergency. This also means you probably haven't set aside money for any repairs. This shouldn't stop you from having your plumbing problems solved, however! Here at Jim's Plumbing in Geelong, we offer our customers interest free payment plans** so they can fix now and pay later. With a $0 deposit, you really can't go wrong!

Need a plumber Geelong? or maybe you need plumbing service in the surrounding areas? Plumbing Geelong is our speciality. With 15 years experience, we are the face you know and love. For more information about our plumbing services or same day service contact us today. 

Our Geelong Services

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Specialising in hot water replacement, repair and service of electric, solar and gas hot water across all brands like Rinnai, Chromagen, Rheem and Bosch.

Jim's Plumbing Pipe Relining Services Img


From sewer drains and stormwater drains, we can non-invasively repair pipes with the latest pipe relining techniques.

Jim's Plumbing  Gas Leak Repairs Img


Our expert gas plumbers can repair gas leaks and perform carbon monoxide testing for leak detection to ensure you and your family have a safe home.

Jim's Plumbing Gas Fitting Services Img


We can fit and install gas hot water and all other gas appliance installation such as BBQs, stovetops, gas heaters and more.

Jim's Plumbing Blocked Drains Services Img


Whether it’s a blocked toilet, sink or clogged sewer line, we can clear all types of blocked drains quickly and efficiently with a CCTV drain inspection.

Jim's Plumbing Burst Pipes Services Img


When you need a burst pipe repair fast, the team from Jim’s are your reliable emergency plumbers.

Jim's Plumbing Leaking Taps Services Img


Dripping taps are a waste of water, water leak experts can fix your leaking taps and any damage caused to your home as a result.

Jim's Plumbing Toilet Plumbing Services Img


We cover all toilet repairs including toilet waste pipe, toilet drain, and cistern repairs, as well as toilet installation and replacement.

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Thank you for my dishwasher

Trent installed my new dishwasher here in Bundoora. He did an excellent job and even started my new dishwasher so it is ready to use. He was polite, neat and tidy. Thank you.
Irene, VIC 5 stars rating

So quick!

Jayden was sent to fix my washing machine taps. He was polite and friendly, and explained what needed to be done. It was a bit more expensive than I expected, but from my call for service to the job being completed was only two hours. I would definitely recommend!
Laura M., VIC 5 stars rating

Gas leak check was done quickly

I can smell gas at house, called Jim's Plumbing and they sent a technician on the day. The service was good and very efficient, and stress-free. I'm happy with the work.
DYZ, VIC 5 stars rating
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