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Interest Free Hot Water Systems

Jim’s Plumbing offers interest free hot water systems, so if you’re thinking that a new hot water system could put you out of pocket a considerable amount, think again. Jim’s Plumbing will always do its best to keep costs, down providing good value for money. Another thing we do to help you out in this department is providing interest free payment plans.

$0 Deposit on your Interest Free Hot Water!

Our payment plans are completely deposit free and you’ll never incur any interest. How good is that!? It’s the perfect way to keep your finances in check, all the while still getting your hot water services sorted out. You’d never want you or your family to go without hot water right?

So no matter how big or small the job is, these plans will be available to you. From big replacement and installation jobs, or even just small repair and servicing jobs. All you have to do is ask. Your plumber can sign you up on site and in a matter of minutes you can be approved.

Emergency Plumber 24/7 Interest Free

The great customer service doesn’t stop there. We can do all of this any time of the day, any day of the year. We have 24/7 plumbers ready to be there to help. If you experience a hot water emergency, don’t fret, call us out at any hour of the night and put the costs on an interest free payment plan**.

Plumbing and hot water services have never been so easy. You’ll never have to sacrifice the comfort of your family members just for the sake of not having to pay huge upfront costs. With Jim’s Plumbing we’ll have you up and running with a nice steamy hot shower in no time, all the while your wallet stays nice and full.

To help you more easily manage your finances, we can now even offer our customers Zip Pay.

Contact us today for more information, or if you’d like to book a plumber for your next hot water service.

Interest Free Hot Water Heater Replacement or New Installation

When your hot water heater gives up the ghost it is usually the last thing that you were expecting to happen and a replacement hot water heater is often the last thing that you were saving for. In this instance many homeowners just want a quick fix, which is completely understandable – not many of us like having cold showers!

But the last thing you want to do is make a rash decision just to get your hot water back up and running, which often results in choosing the wrong hot water heater for your needs. If you choose a hot water heater based solely on price then you may end up with a system that is too small to keep up with your hot water heating demands, or one that is extremely inefficient.

You may also just decide to replace your hot water heater with the same model that you currently have – but, is this really the right choice for you? Maybe there is another model or fuel source that will provide the hot water you need and save you money in the long run.

At Jim’s Plumbing we understand the extreme importance of choosing the right hot water heater. We go through all options with you to find the ideal hot water solution for your property. We also know that everyone’s budget requirements differ, which is why we proudly offer our customers INTEREST FREE payment plans* on our hot water heater replacements or new installations.

No Interest Ever!* Payment Plan Options Available

No Interest Ever!* payment plan options available on hot water heater replacements to help ease any financial stress this burden may cause. If your hot water heater is leaking, or you have no hot water, we can often have a plumber to you within the hour*.

Choosing the right hot water heater at the right price

When it comes to a replacement hot water heater for your home it is highly recommended to obtain expert advice from a hot water professional. This will ensure that you get the right hot water heater to suit your requirements at the right price.

There are so many makes and models of hot water systems on the market today that the choice can soon become difficult. A hot water heater should be thought of as an investment for your property and there are many factors that you should take into consideration when making your decision.

You need to understand the size of the system that you need to provide adequate hot water to your property. This entails looking at the layout of your property, how many people will be needing hot water and how you use hot water. E.g. do you use hot water when washing your clothes? How many bathrooms does your home have, do you use a dishwasher, do you need to fill the bath often or will your hot water heater need to allow for 4 people to all shower one after the other, etc.?

Then you also need to look at the fuel sources that are available to you. Can you save money in the long run by switching to an alternative fuel source such as gas, solar power or heat pump technology?

Other considerations when choosing a hot water heater:
  • Efficiency: How efficient is the hot water heater that you are looking at – does it have a high energy star rating. A higher star rating will save you money as it uses less energy and is more environmentally friendly. If you are looking at an electric storage hot water heater does it stand up to the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS)?
  • Warranty: What warranty terms are offered? High warranty terms are an excellent indicator of a quality hot water heater that has been built to last.
  • Suitability: Is the hot water heater suitable for your area’s climate and water quality?
  • Space: What are the space requirements on your property like? Do you have room for a storage tank or would a compact continuous flow system be better? Will your system need to be installed internally or externally? If considering solar hot water – can your roof support solar panels and is your home facing the right direction to obtain maximum energy from the sun?
  • Budget: Obviously, the cost of a hot water heater is a huge consideration and a new or replacement system can take a large chunk out of your savings. If you are concerned over the cost choose an interest free payment option if available to ensure you get the right system for your home.

As you can see there is much to think about when choosing the ideal hot water solution for your property.

Choosing the Correct Hot Water System

Choosing the correct hot water system can be difficult, as there are so many options to choose from; Click on the links to find out more about these systems.




Heat Pump


Gas boosted solar

Simply book a plumber online now by clicking this link, or phone 1300 133 509 to book now.

Expert advice on the ideal hot water heater solution:

Take the stress and hassle out of your hot water heater replacement, or brand new hot water heater installation, by calling your local plumber from Jim’s Plumbing.

Jim’s Plumbing have your hot water heater replacements, repairs or new installations covered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including all public holidays. If you need a plumber in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane or Canberra then call us anytime of the day or night. We deal with all residential and commercial plumbing requirements.

When you call your local Jim’s plumber you are guaranteed a same day plumber arrival. If you have a plumbing emergency you can expect one of our fully qualified plumbing professionals to be knocking on your door within only an hour* of your call. You can count on our 24/7 emergency plumbing service any day of the year.

Your attending Jim’s plumber will provide you with expert advice on the ideal hot water solution for your home and give you a free, no obligation quote for the supply and installation of your new or replacement hot water system. Our prices are extremely affordable and our service is second to none.

Take advantage of our INTEREST FREE payment plans* for new hot water heater installations or replacements

A hot water heater needs to be right for your home, otherwise you are going to end up with cold showers or extremely high energy bills.

If you are worried about the cost of a new hot water heater, or would just rather spend your savings on that holiday, then why not take advantage of the NO INTEREST EVER payment plans* available from Jim’s Plumbing?

At Jim’s Plumbing we have teamed up with Certegy Ezi-Pay to offer our customers INTEREST FREE payment plans* on purchases of $1,000 or more. This allows you to get your hot water back up and running without having to worry about the set-back that a new or replacement hot water heater can provide.

All that you need is a 10% deposit and have the ability to be able to make periodical payments and you can trust that you won’t be charge interest on your purchase – EVER!

If you’d like to know more on how to apply for an INTEREST FREE hot water heater supply and installation just ask your friendly and local plumber from Jim’s Plumbing.

Our interest free hot water heater payment plans* are available to our customers in Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra.

Choosing the Best Hot Water System Brands

Some of our preferred Hot Water System brands include:








…..AND MORE!  If you have a preferred hot water system brand that is not listed here – we can order and install it for you!

Simply book a plumber online now by clicking this link, or phone 1300 133 509 to book now.

Which hot water heater brand is best for my home?

There is a huge range of hot water heaters of varying makes and models available on the market today.

When you call your professional plumber from Jim’s Plumbing they will go through your hot water heating requirements as well as the size and layout of your property to provide you with a free, no obligation quote on the best hot water heater for to suit your needs.

At Jim’s Plumbing we supply a range of trusted and well-known hot water heater brands and we deal with all hot water heater fuel sources – electric storage hot water, gas storage hot water, continuous flow hot water, solar powered hot water and heat pump hot water for residential and commercial properties.

We have the right hot water heater for you at an extremely competitive price and we can usually install your hot water heater on the same day as your booking. Our payment options are flexible including access to interest free hot water heater payment plans*

For all of your hot water heater repairs, replacements or new installations call Jim’s Plumbing today:

For a plumber in SA, VIC or WA call us on 1300 133 509 or phone 131 546 for a plumber in NSW, QLD or the ACT. Or, for an instant call back just book your plumber online.

Our team of fully qualified and licensed plumbers service all metropolitan areas of Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Canberra. With a same day plumber arrival guarantee, or within the hour* in a plumbing emergency.

Jim’s Plumbing are your 24/7 plumbing experts.

*NO INTEREST EVER!* PAYMENT PLAN, “Fees, terms and conditions apply”.

No Interest Ever!* Payment Plan offered through Certegy Ezi-Pay Express. No Interest Ever on your hot water heater replacement or new supply and installation, gas service, water service or drain replacement.

*Conditions apply.