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When you need some work done with your hot water system in Canberra, there’s only one company you need to remember. Jim’s Plumbing. We’re available all day every day for all your hot water system needs, and can have somebody knocking on your front door within just an hour of making a booking. If you’ve got no hot water, phone our 24/7 call centre or click on over to our simple online form.

When most people think about Canberra, they think politicians, roundabouts, the War Memorial and the bush. However, they should also think hot water systems, since even a city as small as Canberra has lot of hot water systems problems. Fortunately, though, the hot water systems professionals from Jim’s Plumbing are here to help. If you live or work in Bruce, Manuka, Mawson, Mitchell, Gungahlin, Weetangera, Melba, Deakin, Acton, Fadden, Isabella Plains, Conder, Lyneham or any other suburb in between, well be able to get one of our Canberra hot water heater experts out to your place in a flash to take care of all your hot water systems woes. We don’t subscribe to any north side/south side rivalries, so contact us now.

So, will you fix any issue I have with my hot water system?

Hot water system problems are something that everybody will face at least in their lifetime. Booking with Jim’s Plumbing for all your Canberra hot water systems problems is the smart idea, since we offer the most comprehensive service available. Since not everybody has the exact same problems, we’ve gone out of our way to make sure that every one of our Canberra hot water systems experts has the skills, knowledge, experience tools and parts to be able to carry out any repair or replacement you need done with your Canberra hot water boiler. We’ll be able to get your hot water back to normal again in no time at all.

You can contact us if you ever need your:

  • Hot Water System Repaired – having a malfunctioning hot water system in Canberra is no fun, so it’s essential you have one of the Jim’s Plumbing hot water systems professionals around to your home or business to repair before it gets even worse. All our Canberra hot water systems experts have undergone an extensive training program so they’re ready for the toughest, most complicated hot water system repair job you could throw at them. They also have access to a huge selection of spare parts, which are kept in their vans at all times, so there’s every chance your attending Canberra hot water system expert will have everything already.
  • Hot Water System Replaced – if it’s not possible to repair your hot water system in Canberra, or it’s not going to be worthwhile, your attending Jim’s Plumbing Canberra hot water systems professional will recommend a replacement. You won’t need to do anything, here, since we’ll source, retrieve and install everything for you. Your attending Canberra hot water systems expert will discuss your options to help you choose the right unit for you, then get it and install on the same day.

So, what types of hot water systems are you able to work with?

There are a number of different hot water systems to choose form in Canberra, which can not only make buying one quite difficult but also make repairing and replacing them quite difficult. However, the Jim’s Plumbing Canberra hot water systems professionals have you covered. We have everything we need, including the experience, skills and parts, to be able to be able to perfectly execute any work with any type of Canberra hot water heater. It doesn’t matter if your appliance runs on this fuel or that, has a tank or not, we’ll be able to take care of your problem no sweat.

The following list has some more information about the different types of hot water systems:

  • Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems – also known by the term instantaneous, the continuous flow hot water system in Canberra switches on to heat water as soon as a hot tap is turned on. The water passes through a heating element before being delivered to the tap. The appliance then switches off when the tap is turned off. Should you need repairs or replacements to your continuous flow hot water system in Canberra, contact us here at Jim’s Plumbing. Our Canberra hot water systems experts will get your continuous flow unit working perfectly.
  • Electric Hot Water Systems – the electric hot water system in Canberra, as the name might suggest, uses an electric powered heating element to heat your water, either in a tank or instantaneously. This is generally the least efficient and environmentally friendly of the fuel sources for water heating, but it can be made better by choosing the right tariff and a good brand and model. The Canberra hot water systems professionals from Jim’s Plumbing can certainly help you out with this decision, as well as installing and repairing your unit when needed.
  • Storage Hot Water Systems – unlike a continuous flow hot water system, a storage hot water system in Canberra preheats water, then stores it in a tank ready for use later. Cold water is used to replace any hot that’s taken out, then the tank is heated again back to the set temperature. All fuel sources are available as storage hot water heaters in Canberra, so there’s a lot to think about and know. However, we can make that easy for you. If you need a replacement Canberra hot water system, or a current one repaired, contact us at Jim’s Plumbing and we’ll sort you out quickly, efficiently and effectively.
  • Solar Hot Water Systems – renewable energies are extremely popular these days, and rightfully so. For Canberra hot water heaters, you can get a solar hot water system which will not only give you fast, reliable, efficient hot water, but also cost both you and the environment very little. Solar panels collect heat energy from the sun that’s then transferred to the water running through the unit. If you’ve already got a solar hot water system in Canberra that’s not working, or you want a new one, we’ll be able to do a repair or replacement for you no worries. Contact Jim’s Plumbing now!
  • Heat Pump Hot Water Systems – the other renewable energy source that Canberra hot water systems can run on heat pump technology. This works a little like your fridge, since it uses a small amount of electricity to move a refrigerant liquid around the unit that collects heat from the surrounding air. However, a fridge expels the heat it collects, where the heat pump hot water system in Canberra transfers that heat into its water supply. For all repairs and replacements involving heat pump hot water systems in Canberra, your first port of call is the hot water boiler experts from Jim’s Plumbing.
  • Gas Hot Water Systems – while not a renewable energy source, Natural gas is still far more efficient and ecological than electric hot water systems. Using a gas burner to heat your water supply, either in a tank or as it’s being used, decreases you energy costs and your greenhouse emissions while increasing your efficiency. If you want a Canberra hot water system attached to your Natural gas connection, of you need a gas hot water system repaired, contact our Jim’s Plumbing Canberra hot water systems professionals today.

So, what brands of hot water systems can you service?

We believe it’s essential for a comprehensive plumbing company such as ourselves be trained, experienced and equipped to repair and replace all of the most popular brands of Canberra hot water systems, and we most certainly do. It makes no difference what make or model your Canberra hot water system happens to be, one of our Jim’s Plumbing hot water heater professionals will be able to come out to your Canberra home or business to carry out any work you need done with it.

For more information on the brands we repair and install, you can check out the following links: