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If you’re located in Sydney, Jim’s Plumbing is the name you can trust for all your gas fitting needs. Every one of our plumbers is also a licensed gasfitter, highly trained to be the very best in the business. It doesn’t matter what time of the day or night you might need something done, since we never close; that’s right, we’re available all 24 hours of all 7 days per week, every week, without question. If you have a gas leak or a new gas stove, you should call us now, or click over and fill out our quick online booking form, and we can have somebody there within the next hour.

Sydney, being notoriously difficult to get around, can be a tough place to get your emergencies attended to promptly. At Jim’s Plumbing, we don’t think that’s right, so we make certain we have the resources to get a Sydney gas fitting expert to any suburb, whether it be Lindfield, Liverpool, Ryde, Sutherland, Marrickville, Thornleigh, Fairfield, Guildford, Parramatta, Berala, Penrith, Chatswood or any other. Close to the city centre, with its world famous landmarks like the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House, or out in the suburbs, we’ll be there. That, along with our 24/7, within the hour service, our friendly, highly skilled gas plumbers and our ability to tackle any job, makes us the number one choice for gas fitting in Sydney.

So, what gas-related jobs can you do in Sydney?

With our fleet of vans, fully stocked with every tool and spare parts in most materials, and our army of fully qualified, licensed gasfitters, extensively trained in every aspect of gas fitting, Jim’s Plumbing can send you the right person to carry out the right course of action for any gas problem you could find yourself facing. It doesn’t matter whether you need a gas appliance or gas piping installed, commissioned, repaired, replaced, extended, relocated or converted, Jim’s Plumbing Sydney have the solution for you.

The following is a detailed list of things we can do:

  • Installation, repair and conversion of BBQs Sydney – for that essential piece of Australian backyard equipment, the gas BBQ, a Jim’s Plumbing Sydney gas fitting expert will be able to do any work you need dome. We can have somebody install your new gas BBQ or move your current one, even if we need to extend your gas pipe work to bring up a new gas outlet. One of our professional Sydney gasfitters can also repair your broken down gas BBQ, no matter what more or model. If you’d rather your LPG BBQ run on Natural gas (or vice versa), we can even do that.
  • Gas leak repair and replacement Sydney – a Jim’s Plumbing Sydney gas fitting expert can test every nook and cranny of your gas piping and gas appliances to identify precisely where a gas leak in coming from, then repair or replace the offending pipe or appliance as required. This is essential to do as quickly as possible, as leaking gas in Sydney can be very dangerous to your health, safety and hip pocket.The risk of ignition or explosion is very real, as is the possibility of respiratory problems if left for long enough. You can also end up paying lots of money for your inflated gas bills, which can run into hundreds or thousands of dollars. If you have a gas leak in Sydney, contact the gas fitting experts at Jim’s Plumbing straight away.
  • Hotplate and oven fitting Sydney – having a faulty or unconnected gas oven, gas stove or gas hotplate can be a real frustration in Sydney, which only gets worse as it’s left for longer and longer. That’s we at Jim’s Plumbing, your local Sydney gas fitting expert, makes sure every one of our fully qualified, licensed gasfitters are extensively trained in working with all types of gas cooking appliances. We’re able to repair your existing gas stove, gas oven or gas hotplate, or install, attach and commission that new one to your mains gas supply.
  • Room heater installation and repair Sydney – have you bought a new gas room heater? The Sydney gas fitting professionals at Jim’s Plumbing can install and hook it up for you in a flash. Is your gas log fire in the wrong spot? The Sydney gas fitting professionals at Jim’s Plumbing can shift it, extend your piping and reinstall it for maximum efficiency. Our expert gasfitters have the training, skills, tools and parts to be able to do all this work and more with your gas room heaters, it just depends on what you need.
  • Water heater installation and repair Sydney – there’s nothing more unpleasant than a cold shower, and trying to wash the dishes in cold water is almost impossible. At Jim’s Plumbing, your local Sydney gas fitting experts, we have training and experience with every make and model of gas hot water heater, making us the perfect answer to your gas hot water system woes. One of our professional gasfitters can carry out an installation and commission for you new system, or repair any old system you may need us to. If we need to replace your old unit, we can quickly and easily do so with one of our own full gas hot water heaters that we stock, so you don’t need to worry about anything, we’ll take care of it all for you.

So, there are different types of gas in Sydney, right?

Indeed, there are! You don’t need to fret, though, since every one of our expert Sydney gasfitters at Jim’s Plumbing has the skills, tools and training to do any work with both of the 2 most common sorts of gas in Sydney. Whether it’s an installation, a repair or even a conversion, we’ll be able to have a gas fitting professional to your property to sort out that gas problem straight away.

These sources are the following:

  • LPG Sydney – liquefied petroleum gas, as the commonly known acronym stands for, consists of a combination of propane and butane, two gases which come from the refining process of the natural flammable liquid petroleum. LP Gas comes bottled from hardware stores and specialised gas retailers, and can be used when Natural gas either isn’t available or isn’t used. Its versatility and portability make LPG very useful, although it can be expensive refilling or buying new bottles very often.
  • Natural gas Sydney – this is a refined version of a raw gas extracted from deep beneath the earth’s surface, which is in turn created by decomposing plant and animal matter. Once extracted, the raw gas is refined of impurities to become what we know as Natural gas, then a series of underground piping delivers it to homes and businesses. Natural gas is very cheap and economic, but is limited by the extent of your mains gas piping.

So, do you commission a newly installed appliance in Sydney?

Every gas fitting expert with Jim’s Plumbing Sydney has undergone the mostr extensive training possible, ensuring that he’s capable and proficient in every aspect of gas plumbing, including commissioning. Your attending Jim’s Plumbing Sydney gasfitter will commissionany new gas appliance after he’s installed it. This is essentially a safety check that involves tuning the gas pressures, checking the gas and any electricity connections, and making sure all ventilation and flues are attached and working properly.