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It really doesn’t matter what you need done, or when you need it done, every Jim’s Plumbing Perth gas fitting expert has the training, experience, equipment and time to do it efficiently and professionally. We’re open for callouts around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so we can be at your home or business any time of day or night. Not only that, with a veritable army of gasfitters, all kitted out with the latest gas tools and technologies, we can dispatch somebody straight away to have them arriving within just an hour of placing your call or filling out our easy online booking form.

Iluka, Cottesloe, Joondalup, Scarborough, Osborne Park, Fremantle, Bayswater, Midland, Rockingham, Victoria Park, these are merely a few of the suburbs we can cover in Perth, so even if yours isn’t on it, we can most certainly still get there. We think that, just because Perth is the most isolated city on earth, it doesn’t give us permission to slack off. It doesn’t matter whether you have an emergency gas hot water problem, you’re new gas log fire needs to be installed or you want your gas BBQ against the other wall, we’re able have one of our Perth gas fitting professionals come to you promptly and take care of that issue quickly and competently. So, for any gas fitting job, at any time, you now know to contact Jim’s Plumbing straight away!

Can you do all kinds of gas fitting work in Perth?

Why yes, we definitely can. Everybody with Jim’s Plumbing Perth, in addition to being expert water plumbers, are fully qualified, highly trained gasfitters with access to the latest and greatest gizmos and gadgets to carry out any gas fitting job. All our vans carry a huge list of spare parts, as well, ensuring you don’t have to break the bank or waste lots of time for our services. If you need gas fitting done in Perth, there really is only name you need to remember, Jim’s Plumbing. Contact us now!

Here are some of the common jobs we do:

  • Gas water heater work in Perth – a faulty gas hot water heater is a real nuisance in Perth, just like any city, so we make sure all our expert gasfitters have the training, experience, parts and tools to repair or replace your gas hot water system. We’re able to get a Perth gas fitting professional out to your property to do anything necessary to ensure your gas hot water heater runs smoothly, no matter what make or model it is. If that means a full appliance replacement, your attending Jim’s Plumbing Perth gas fitting expert will be able to quickly retrieve one of the full units we stock in our own warehouse, then come back straight away to install it. You won’t need to do a thing!
  • Gas oven and stove work in Perth – a Jim’s Plumbing Perth gas fitting professional can repair your faulty gas cooking appliances, no matter whether it’s a gas oven, gas stove or gas hotplate. Any brand and any model, we’ve got the training and experience with them all, and even stock all huge range of spare parts in our vans at all times, so there’s every chance we’ll have everything we need onsite straight away. If you’ve already bought a new gas oven or gas stove, your attending expert Perth gasfitter will be only too happy to install and commission it for you.
  • Gas room heater work Perth – buying and gas room heater, such as a gas log fire or another type, can be an exciting time, so you don’t want that excitement ruined by not being able to use it. Contact the Perth gas fitting experts at Jim’s Plumbing, and we can send somebody around to install and commission your new gas room heater for you. If you’ve already got one that isn’t working, we can have a professional gasfitter around to repair it no matter what make or model it is.
  • Gas leak work in Perth – stress and bother generally accompany a gas leak, and a bad gasfitter can add to that. The Perth gas fitting experts here at Jim’s Plumbing think that’s just plain wrong, so we make sure we’re always on time and stocked with everything we need when testing, repairing and replacing your leaking fixtures and fittings. Your attending Perth gasfitter will use a manometer to assess your entire gas network, then, having located the precise cause of the gas leak, will proceed to repair or replace your gas piping and gas appliances as required.
  • Gas BBQ work in Perth – for many Perth residents, as with in other cities, the gas BBQ is a backyard necessity. There can be nothing more irritating that not being able to have the family and friends around for a barbie, so contact the Jim’s Plumbing Perth gas fitting professionals as soon as it shows signs of a problem. One of our expert gasfitters will be able to repair your gas BBQ in no time at all, so you can cook up a storm again. We can also organise somebody to install your new gas BBQ, as well as relocate or convert your existing one.

Can you work with both types of gas in Perth?

At Jim’s Plumbing Perth, we pride ourselves on being your one stop shop for all your gas fitting needs. That’s why every one of our fully qualified, licensed gasfitters is equipped with everything they could ever need to carry out work on both LPG and Natural gas appliances, no matter type, brand or model that gas appliances happens to be. For any gas fitting you need done in Perth, Jim’s Plumbing will have the right solution.

Here are some details of these 2 gas sources:

  • Natural gas in Perth – forming over many years from the decomposition of organic materials, Natural gas is drilled out of the earth, refined of impurities and delivered to your home or business by underground pipelines. Being a very cheap and economical source of fuel for any appliance, the only downside of Natural gas is the fact that it’s restricted by the extent of your gas mains piping.
  • LPG in Perth – as the naturally occurring flammable liquid petroleum is refined, it creates butane and propane, both of which are removed and then mixed together into what we know as LPG, or liquefied petroleum gas. This new substance is transported and sold in bottles for use with outdoor appliances where a Natural gas outlet us unavailable, or indoor appliances where Natural gas isn’t used at all. Portability is a huge plus of LP Gas, but it can be expensive.

Can you commission newly installed appliances in Perth?

When one of our extensively trained, licensed Jim’s Plumbing Perth gasfitters installs your new gas appliance, no matter it is, he’ll also do what’s called commissioning. Required to be done after every installation, commissioning is intended to check that the gas appliance is properly fitted, working and, therefore, safe to use. This typically includes things like checking that the gas source has been pressurised correctly, ventilation around the appliance is adequate and attachments are all done properly.