Gas Fitter Canberra

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For residents in Canberra, Jim’s Plumbing has you covered for any gas fitting job you may need done. We can install or move gas appliances, extend or repair gas pipe work, test for and repair gas leaks, and all can be done with a minimum of fuss 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even public holidays. And yes, that includes Christmas and Easter! Not only that, but we understand emergencies happen, and need to be taken care of quickly and efficiently, so we pride ourselves on being able to have a licensed gas plumber at your home or business within an hour of filling out our online form or placing a call.

Canberra might be one of the smallest cities in Australia by far with only 411 thousand residents, but we don’t think that’s a good excuse for plumbing companies to be lazy. At Jim’s Plumbing Canberra, every plumber is also a fully qualified, expert gasfitter. They all have extensive training and knowledge to undertake any issue you might find yourself facing, while every van is stocked to the hilt with the very latest in gas fitting equipment. We’re available in every suburb of Canberra – Weetangera, Bruce, Lyneham, Mitchell, Gungahlin, Mawson, Manuka, Deakin, Fadden, Conder, Isabella Plains, Acton and Melba, and many more besides – making us the best possible choice for all your gas fitting needs. If you need gas fitting done in Canberra, there’s no needed to look anywhere else. Contact us now!

What sorts of gas fitting are you able to do in Canberra?

Jim’s Plumbing, your local Canberra gas fitting expert, has everything we could possibly need for even the toughest of gas fitting jobs. Our fully qualified, licensed gasfitters are trained in every aspect of the gas plumbing, and have access to every tools and spare part required for any situation. It doesn’t matter what you need done, we can repair, install and commission, replace, convert or extend any gas appliance or gas piping you need us to in Canberra, the bush capital, and can do so quickly and efficiently.

Here are some specific things we can do in common areas:

  • Gas room heating Canberra – if you’ve purchased a new gas room heater, such as a gas log fire or other unit, one of the Canberra gas fitting experts from Jim’s Plumbing can come around to your property to install it for you. We can also extend your gas piping to place your new gas room heater wherever you want it, to make your heating as efficient as possible. If you’ve already got a gas room heater, though, but it’s not working as well as it should, the gas fitting professionals from Jim’s Plumbing Canberra can repair it or relocate it, depending on what’s required.
  • Gas hot water heating Canberra – it doesn’t matter what brand or model you’re current or new gas hot water heater is, a Jim’s Plumbing Canberra gas fitting expert can service, repair, install and commission any of them. Every one of our extensively trained licensed gasfitters have the experience, training, tools and even the spare parts to b able to carry out any work with your Canberra gas hot water heater, making sure you they give you the very best results possible. We also stock a large range of full gas hot water boilers ourselves, so if your attending Canberra gas fitting professional thinks a replacement is the best course of action, he’ll be able to carry out the full appliance replacement quickly and efficiently.
  • Gas pipeline maintenance Canberra – a Canberra gas leaks can cost you lots of money in overblown gas bills, not to mention being quite dangerous to you, your family’s and your staff’s health and safety. Whether you know where it is or not, we at Jim’s Plumbing Canberra can have one of our expert gasfitters around to your home or business to test your entire gas network with our state-of-the-art manometers, then do any repairs or replacements as required. If the gas leak is in a gas pipe, we can repair or replace the damaged fittings. If the gas leak is in a gas appliance, we can either repair it install a new one once purchased.
  • Gas fitting for BBQs Canberra – Canberra residents like nothing more than having a backyard BBQ, the same as any Australian, which means that people’s gas BBQ appliances are going to seed some work done occasion. The Canberra gas fitting experts here at Jim’s Plumbing have everything covered. We can install a new gas BBQ, no matter what brand or model you’ve purchased. We can also move or repair your existing one, extending and servicing any necessary pipe work along the way, to give you the cooking experience you want. Finally, your attending Canberra gasfitter can also convert your LPG or Natural gas unit to the opposite source.
  • Stove and oven fitting Canberra – if your gas stove or gas oven has stopped working in Canberra, or you’ve already gone out and bought a new one, one of our gas fitting experts from Jim’s Plumbing Canberra will be able to repair, install and commission, or reposition it as necessary. We have the experience, expertise and equipment to be able to carry out any and all work with your gas stoves and gas ovens, and even have a huge range of spare parts already stocked in our vans, meaning that you’ll receive only the best, fastest and most thorough work available for your gas cooking appliance needs in Canberra.

What sort of gas do you work with in Canberra?

No matter what gas fitting you need done, and no matter what type of gas you need it done with, a Jim’s Plumbing Canberra gas fitting expert will be able to do it quickly, efficiently and effectively. Every one of our fully qualified, licensed gasfitters has the training, experience, tools and parts necessary to carry out work with both LPG and Natural gas, the 2 most common sorts of gas supplied to Canberra homes and business.

Here are the details of these sources:

  • Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) Canberra – made up of a mixture between propane and butane, both of which come from the purifying process of petroleum, LP Gas is portable gas source generally used either for appliances that are too far from a Natural gas outlet, or else when Natural gas isn’t used at all. Most often associated with the bottles and cylinders available from hardware and specialty gas stores, LPG is very handy for its versatility and portability. The only downside is that, since it does run out, you’ll need to keep buying or refilling bottles, which can be very expensive if you use a lot of gas.
  • Natural gas Canberra – decomposing organic matter, such as plants and animals, creates gas, which collects beneath the earth’s surface in vast underground caverns. This raw gas is extracted, then refined into what we know these days as Natural gas. It gets delivered to Canberra homes and businesses through an underground pipe network, while this means it can’t run out, it is less versatile that LPG due to it’s restriction to already present gas piping.

Will you commission a newly installed appliance in Canberra?

We will indeed. Installing the new gas appliance is only half the job of getting that appliance up and running. It still needs to be commissioned, which involves your attending Jim’s Plumbing Canberra gas fitting expert going over the power and gas sources, the ventilation and any fans the particular gas appliance has, ensuring they they’re all attached, clean, tuned and working properly. Every one of our Canberra gasfitters will do this to ensure your safety when using your new gas appliance.