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Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every week of the year, Jim’s Plumbing is the name you can trust in Brisbane for all your gas fitting needs. Even if you need a gas leak repaired or a new gas oven installed on the Easter weekend or Christmas day, we can take care of it. And, if it’s an emergency, we won’t dillydally, because we know it can’t wait; we’ll have one of our licensed, highly trained gas plumbers to your home or business within an hour of making a booking. So call now, or use our simple online form.

There isn’t much we can’t handle, just like there aren’t many Brisbane suburbs we can’t come to. It doesn’t matter if you find yourself with a gas problem in the city centre, right by the curve of the Brisbane River, or as far away from it as possible in the suburbs, Jims Plumbing will be able to get a gas fitting expert to your property. Taringa, The Gap, Bracken Ridge, Carindale, Cleveland, Moorooka, Springwood, Albany Creek, Petrie, Browns Plains, Ascot, or any other suburb, you can get a Jim’s Plumbing van parked out the front of your place any time of day or night. We have the latest and greatest technologies at our disposal, so, not only are our professional, friendly Brisbane gasfitters able tackle any gas problem imaginable, you’ll get the results you want and deserve.

Well, what are the kinds of gas fitting jobs you can do in Brisbane?

I’m glad you asked. The answer is, pretty much everything! All our extensively trained licensed Brisbane gas fitting experts have the skills, knowledge and equipment to take on any and all gas installations, gas conversions and gas extensions, and can even repair any of your broken down gas appliances, depending on the specific situation. If you’re a bit hot under the collar, and the problem is stress from a gas problem, not the Brisbane heat, then contact Jim’s Plumbing straight away, and we’ll have a professional gas fitter to you in no time.

These are just some of the things we cover:

  • LPG and Natural gas BBQs in Brisbane – if you need a gas BBQ installed and commissioned, converted, repaired or moved in Brisbane, one of our expert gasfitters will be able to do that promptly and proficiently. We have the training, experience and tools to be able to carry out any work with your gas BBQ. We even stock a large range of spare parts in our vans at all times, so your attending Jim’s Plumbing Brisbane gas fitting professional will most likely have everything he needs on site, meaning he can complete his job much quicker and cheaper than anybody else.
  • Leaking gas work in Brisbane – a gas leak in Brisbane can be a very dangerous and costly thing. A flame near a gas leak can ignite, even explode, creating great physical danger to all those nearby. Leaking gas will also contribute to your gas bill, inflating it and making you pay for gas you haven’t actually used. Save yourself these troubles by calling the Brisbane gas fitting experts at Jim’s Plumbing. If there’s a gas leak in your pipeline or one of your appliances, your attending professional gasfitter can find it by testing your entire network with a manometer, then repair it if able or else completely replace the problematic piping or appliance.
  • Ovens and stoves in Brisbane – every one of our professional gasfitters from Jim’s Plumbing have undergone extensive training and experience to be able to offer any and all services for your gas cooking appliances. The Brisbane gas fitting experts here at Jim’s Plumbing can install and commission any make or model of gas oven, gas stove or gas cook top you may have purchased, move any existing gas cooking unit to a new, preferred location, or repair a malfunctioning gas oven or gas stove.
  • Room heaters in Brisbane – for every conundrum you might find yourself facing with your gas room heater in Brisbane, make sure you contact the gas fitting experts at Jim’s Plumbing. The installation and commission or relocation of new or existing gas room heaters or gas log fires is no problem for our fully qualified, licensed Brisbane gas fitting professionals. We can also repair any malfunctioning gas room heater, no matter what type, brand or model it is, and will most likely already have all the parts we need in the permanent stock in our vans.
  • Hot water heaters in Brisbane – when you need work done with a gas hot water boiler in Brisbane, you can be certain the gas fitting experts at Jim’s Plumbing will have everything they need to give you the best results possible. Your new gas hot water heater can be expertly installed, hooked into your water mains and commissioned, or else we can carry out repairs and replacements for your existing unit, no matter what make or model it might be. If your attending Jim’s Plumbing Brisbane gas fitting professional thinks a full unit replacement the best option, he’ll be able to retrieve and install a gas hot water unit from our own warehouse, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

So, what kinds of gas can you work with in Brisbane?

At Jim’s Plumbing Brisbane, all our fully qualified, licensed gas fitting experts can work with either of the 2 most common forms of gas-based power sources. We have the tools and the knowledge necessary for carrying out any and all work with both, no matter what type of gas appliance or gas piping you’ve got. All you need to do is contact us as soon as the problem first arises, and we’ll be able to have an expert Brisbane gasfitter out to your place to fix that problem quickly and efficiently.

These 2 sources are:

  • Liquefied petroleum gas Brisbane – most often abbreviated to LPG, this gas comes bottled or in cylinders and is purchased from hardware stores and gas shops. LP Gas is generally used for portable or outdoor appliances, such as gas BBQs and gas patio heaters, but it can also be used indoors when Natural gas is unavailable or not used. Made up of varying mixtures of butane and propane, two substances refined from petroleum, LPG is very versatile and useful, but is also rather expensive when you need to buy or refill bottles regularly.
  • Natural gas Brisbane – underground, plant and animal matter, decomposing over time, creates a gas that is used as the raw material for we know as Natural gas. After being refined, it’s transported through a series of underground pipelines, where Natural gas is then accessible in homes and business through a mains outlet. Although Natural gas is very cheap and economical to run, it does pose some problems in terms of powering gas appliances which are far away from a gas outlet, like those used outdoors.

So, do you commission new gas appliances in Brisbane?

The Brisbane gas fitting professionals here at Jim’s Plumbing are extensively trained and fully qualified to carry out all work you need done to a gas appliance. After your attending gasfitter has installed your new gas stove, gas hot water heater or other gas appliance, he’ll need to commission it to make sure it’s working properly and safe to use. The gas pressure, flues and ventilation, and fans all need to be checked to make sure they’ve been tuned properly, are clean and clear, and there are no other problems anywhere else in the gas pipeline. Our Brisbane gas plumbers will do this every time they install any kind of gas appliance, making sure you get the results you want and deserve.