Burst Pipes : Fix Leaking Pipes and Joints

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Burst pipes can cause significant damage to your home or office. When this happens, time is of the essence.

Jim’s Plumbing can have a plumber to your door within the hour*. Our vans are well stocked to ensure we can repair your plumbing emergency without additional trips offsite to collect stock. 

Our plumbers are happy to provide a quote, and when possible can offer fixed term pricing for certain jobs. 

Call 1300 133 509 to book today.

Burst Pipes

Repair and Maintenance Service 24/7

Jim’s Plumbing’s repair and maintenance service is available seven days a week, 24 hours!

We can repair and replace:

Galvanised pipes

PVC pipes

Poly pipes

Poly butelyne pipes

Copper pipes

* Pending availability. Conditions apply.