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Rheem Solar Hot Water

Does your Rheem solar hot water system need a repair or a service? You might even need your current system replaced.
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Does your Rheem solar hot water system need a repair or a service? You might even need your current system replaced.

Rheem Solar Panel Water Heating

Rheem solar is a fantastic way to keep the hot water flowing through the taps without it costing you your wallet or harming the environment. Over recent years, solar panels have improved tenfold regarding efficiency, making solar power a reliable and substantial source of energy for your home.

As an industry leader in all things hot water, it's no surprise Rheem has one of the best solar ranges available. Rheem's Loline solar runs with solar panels attached to the roof but will have a ground-mounted water storage system. The Loline is available in a series of different sizes catering to small and large households. They also come in two variations to suit either cool or warm climates.

Rheem Hiline solar operates with both the solar panels and water storage attached to the roof and is an ideal space-saving solar solution. Hiline is also available in multiple sizes and is ideally suited for warmer climates.

Whether you're interested in exploring a traditional roof-mounted system or want to learn more about Rheem's loline systems, the team at Jim's Plumbing can answer all of your questions about installing solar, and our fully-qualified technicians can take care of the rest. Call us today.

Jim’s Plumbing isn’t just all about leaky taps and blocked toilets. We specialise in hot water systems as well, including Rheem solar hot water systems. The range includes:

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How Does Solar Hot Water Work?

A solar system for hot water consists of two main parts: solar panels and a water heater. The panels and water heater are installed adjacent to each other on the roof or the solar panels on the roof and water heater on the ground.

Roof-mounted solar panels work by either absorbing energy from the sun then transferring it to a water heater, or having water run directly through the panels where it is heated before returning to the tank ready for use. Different Rheem systems can make use of a secondary electrical or gas connection or particular chemicals to boost performance to help achieve the desired performance.

The Benefits of a Rheem Solar System

Solar energy is regarded as one of the best and cleanest sources of energy. So let's take a look at exactly how a Rheem solar system can change your life:

Energy Efficient Solar Panels

By using the free energy provided by the sun, your Rheem solar panels and system could save you up to 65 per cent off your electricity bill.

Reduces Carbon Emissions

Relying less on electricity or gas can significantly reduce emissions and go a long way to minimising a home's carbon footprint.

Financial Incentives

The Australian government is offering rebates for those considering having a solar system installed. These incentives are referred to as Small-Scale Technologies Certificates (STCs), and they can be claimed up to 12 months after the installation of a solar system.

Rheem Solar Hot Water Systems Prices

Solar systems are typically more expensive than the alternative hot water systems, mainly due to the complexities of the setup and quantity of parts-solar panels, water heater, etc. However, the initial cost of the purchase and installation is quickly outweighed by the benefits in regards to your electricity bills.

Here at Jim's plumbing, we understand that every home is unique and that every job is different. That's why one of our fully-qualified and experienced technicians will be able to provide you with a fixed priced quote once they have inspected your home. The price must be agreed upon by you before any work has commenced. This way, we can ensure your utmost satisfaction with every aspect of the job. It's all part of our Quality Assurance Guarantee.

If you're worried about the cost of Rheem solar panels, we can have your new solar power hot water system up and running without you having to pay a single cent upfront. We offer $0 deposit, interest-free payment plans** that give you flexibility and control in making your payments.

You can split your payments up across weekly or fortnightly instalments, and the best part is almost anyone can be approved for them within minutes. Call us today or book online to find out more.

Jim's 24/7 Emergency Service

Jim's Plumbing is here 24/7 for those worst-case scenarios, which tend to occur when you least expect it. Every day of the year including public holidays, Jim's is on call to come out and work on your Rheem solar panels and can even be at your door within an hour of you making the booking*.

Best of all, the price won't change whether you require a call out at midday or midnight. Our technicians carry the latest equipment and can complete most jobs immediately. Get your solar panels and hot water sorted by calling Jim's Plumbing today!

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Leak Fixed!

I had an issue with water leaking under the sink, had water dripping from a cold water flexi hose. Rang Jim's Plumbing and Cameron arrived within 20 minutes. He thoroughly investigated where the leak was coming from, was very friendly and explained what to do if there were any more issues. Very happy with the quick service provided.
Cathy, SA 5 stars rating

Thank you for my dishwasher

Trent installed my new dishwasher here in Bundoora. He did an excellent job and even started my new dishwasher so it is ready to use. He was polite, neat and tidy. Thank you.
Irene, VIC 5 stars rating

So quick!

Jayden was sent to fix my washing machine taps. He was polite and friendly, and explained what needed to be done. It was a bit more expensive than I expected, but from my call for service to the job being completed was only two hours. I would definitely recommend!
Laura M., VIC 5 stars rating
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