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Bosch Hot Water Heater Fault or Error Code FA Troubleshooting Guide

When you purchase a Bosch continuous flow hot water heater you are purchasing a quality and reliable hot water heater that delivers value for money. Bosch provides the largest range of highly efficient hot water systems on the market and have over 127 years of industry experience.

Bosch hot water system

You can depend on on Bosch for your hot water heating needs – no matter the size of your home or office. One of the handy features of the Bosch continuous flow hot water range is the self-diagnostic fault tool.

If you have the Bosch hot water temperature controller installed and a fault occurs within your hot water appliance then a Bosch error code will display on the monitor.

The Bosch hot water fault codes are exceptionally helpful in knowing precisely the fault at hand as soon as it occurs, allowing for a swift and efficient repair.

One of the Bosch hot water fault codes that you may come across is the FA error display.

What does the Bosch FA error code mean in relation to my hot water heater?

If there is a fault with the hot water systems gas control valve then the Bosch fault code FA will flash on the digital monitor of your temperature controller.

The gas valve in your continuous flow hot water heater controls the amount of gas that is let into the unit and controls the water temperature.

When you turn on your hot water tap a valve is pressed allowing a small amount of gas to be sent to the pilot head and then the thermocouple will send a small electrical current to the gas control valve.

The gas control valve will then send an electromagnet to open a safety valve to allow gas to continue to flow within the unit while you require hot water.

The gas control valve has a safety limit and if reached it can shut down the hot water heater completely.

Troubleshooting the Bosch FA error code displaying on your hot water heater

The FA error code display for the Bosch hot water heater is a rare occurrence as the gas control valve will rarely have an issue.

Other faults that could cause the FA error code to display may be in relation to a faulty thermostat, burner or thermocouple.

You will require the services of a fully qualified and insured technician to investigate the reason why the Bosch FA fault code is displayed on your hot water heater.

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Choosing the Correct Hot Water System

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Please be advised that we may have additional Bosch Hot Water System models available.

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