Bosch Hot Water Fault or Error Code EF

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Bosch Hot Water Heater Fault or Error Code EF Troubleshooting Guide

Error display EF – Bosch gas continuous flow

If a Bosch error code EF is flashing on the digital status monitor of your continuous flow hot water heater this is telling you that the appliance is connected to the wrong gas type.

Most of the Bosch gas continuous flow hot water heaters have options to allow operation with natural gas or LPG but upon installation the correct system must be chosen for the correct gas type it was designed for. Or, a proper gas conversion must have taken place by a fully qualified professional.

The differences between natural gas and LPG

Connecting the wrong gas type to an appliance can be extremely hazardous as natural gas and LPG require different qualities when fuelling an appliance.

LPG has a higher calorific value to natural gas and less gas is required to produce the same amount of heat. But LPG does require more oxygen; with a gas/oxygen ratio of approximately 25 to 1, whereas the natural gas ratio for oxygen/gas is 10 to 1.

A gas appliance linked to the incorrect gas type that it was designed for (without a proper conversion having been undertaken) is extremely dangerous. If the Bosch code EF is blinking on the monitor of your water temperature controller then you should cease using the appliance immediately and call in a fully qualified professional to investigate and rectify the issue. When it comes to gas – safety should be your number one priority.

Why is a Bosch fault code EF showing on my continuous flow hot water system?

The most obvious reason that a Bosch error code EF would be present would be due to an incorrect installation by an unqualified individual.

All Bosch tankless hot water heaters must be installed by a fully qualified plumber/gas fitter, in accordance with the strict Australian safety standards and following the local building and gas fitting regulations.

When your gas appliance is installed by a fully qualified and licensed technician the hot water system will be commissioned and a certificate of compliance will be issued. This ensures that they have completely tested the hot water heater and that it is in perfect working order upon installation. If you do not receive a certificate of compliance from your plumber/gas fitter upon the new installation of any gas appliance, this is something that you should follow up immediately. If they cannot provide this certificate then chances are they are unqualified and your home and safety may be at risk.

The other reasons that an EF error code would be showing in regards to your Bosch tankless hot water heater could be due to a trip of the system, or an error within the hot water heaters electronic control unit.

How to clear a Bosch EF error code display

If the EF fault code is showing in error on your Bosch hot water temperature controller monitor you can attempt to clear this by turning the system off at the power. While the power is off open a hot water tap fully and then turn the power back on. If the error code EF is still displayed then you will need to call in a qualified technician to investigate and resolve the issue.

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