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Bosch Hot Water Heater Fault or Error Code E14 Troubleshooting Guide

Bosch have been manufacturing state of the art continuous flow hot water heaters for over 127 years now, with over 60 of those years being focused on the Australian hot water heating market.

Bosch hot water system

Bosch have the largest range of continuous flow hot water systems available and they have now branched out to provide a highly efficient and economical hot water heat pump – the Compress 3000.

The Compress 3000 air-to-water heat pump works in the same way as a refrigerator but in reverse. Heat is extracted from the ambient outside air and used to heat the water stored in the tank ready for when you require it. A heat pump is classed in the same category as a solar powered hot water heater due to its extreme energy efficiency, and provides generous government rebates.

One of the highly advanced features of the Bosch Compress 3000 heat pump hot water heater is its ability to self-diagnose any fault which may occur within the appliance.

Should there be an issue with the heat pump a Bosch error code will display allowing you to see exactly where the problem lies and allow for a fast repair. One of the Bosch fault codes that may display on your Compress 3000 heat pump hot water heater is the error code E14.

What does the Bosch fault code E14 mean?

An E14 error code displayed on your Bosch hot water heat pump indicates that there is either a fault with the systems fan, or an air flow blockage is present.

The way that a hot water heat pump works is that external ambient air is drawn into the system via the use of a fan. The air is transferred into an evaporator which contains a refrigerant. The air (which is always far warmer than the refrigerant) turns the refrigerant from a liquid into a gas. The gas is then compressed through a small valve and generates a great deal of heat. The systems heat exchanger then transfers the heat to the water storage tank to heat the water inside.

If there is a fault with the fan, or a blockage present, then this entire process cannot begin – leaving you with no hot water and a Bosch E14 error code display.

Troubleshooting the Bosch E14 fault code

So, if an E14 error code is displayed on your Bosch hot water heat pump how can this be fixed? In this instance, you can try to reset the system, if the E14 fault code remains then you will need to organise for a qualified technician to inspect the unit’s fan.

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Choosing the Correct Hot Water System

Choosing the correct hot water system can be difficult, as there are so many options to choose from; Click on the links to find out more about these systems.




Heat Pump


Gas boosted solar

Please be advised that we may have additional Bosch Hot Water System models available.

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