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Bosch Hot Water Heater Fault or Error Code E11 Troubleshooting Guide

Bosch have been delivering long lasting, reliable and quality hot water heaters for over 127 years now, so you can trust that they certainly know what they’re doing.

Their range of hot water systems are all extremely energy efficient and suited to withstand, and operate at optimal performance, in the ever changing Australian climate.

Bosch hot water units are easy to install and maintain. They give their customers the features that they need from a hot water heater, all at an affordable cost with in-built smart technology included. One of the advanced features of the Bosch hot water heater is its ability to self-diagnose any fault that may occur within the appliance.

Should anything go awry within the hot water system a Bosch error code will display on the digital monitor of the temperature controller. This alerts you to exactly what the issue is causing the problems to your hot water heater, allowing for a fast and reliable repair.

One of the codes that you may come across is the Bosch fault code E11.

What does a Bosch E11 error code signify?

The E11 fault code display on your Bosch hot water system could indicate one of the following:

  • A fault in the fan
  • A leak in the refrigerant circuit
  • A compressor fault
  • A fault in relation to the expansion valve
  • A fault in the dry filter

In most cases, when a Bosch E11 fault code is showing you will also experience no hot water.

Troubleshooting the Bosch E11 hot water fault code

To troubleshoot the E11 error code on your Bosch hot water system you will require the services of a fully qualified plumber. Your hot water unit will need to be opened for the cause to be properly investigated and repaired.

If you want a reliable and local plumber who can attend to your hot water heater repair on the same day of your booking then call the hot water heater repair experts from Jim’s Plumbing.

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We understand all facets of the Bosch hot water systems and can have your hot water heater running at its best with our trustworthy, reliable and dependable hot water heater repair service.

To minimise maintenance issues, or fault code displays, with your Bosch hot water system it is highly recommended to arrange periodic servicing of your appliance, as according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Regular servicing of your hot water heater provides longer lasting performance and can greatly save costs as it reduces faults from occurring. Talk to your friendly plumber from Jim’s if you’d like to know more.

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Please be advised that we may have additional Bosch Hot Water System models available.

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