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What To Do When You Suspect a Gas Leak

Do You Suspect a Gas Leak?

Gas leaks should always be treated as an emergency. Gas can cause a devastating explosion if it comes into contact with an ignition source such as a pilot light, a match or a small spark of electric current. Gas is not visible and can normally be detected only through smell. And because gas is at very low pressure within the pipes throughout your home, it won’t make much noise if it starts leaking. It’s a truly silent but deadly.

What Should I Do Next?

Due to the dangers at hand, you should contact a gas plumbing expert as soon as possible. Do not waste time, as it could only put you at more risk. Read on for the steps to follow if you suspect a gas leak.

  • Turn off all appliances, electric or gas. Any spark could be dangerous.
  • Turn off the gas meter. The gas meter is often located at the front of the property, although sometimes it can be found in a box on the side of the front wall. In case you’re unaware, the gas meter can be turned off by flipping the winged valve from a horizontal position to a vertical one if you have Natural Gas, or by simply turning the valve to the ‘close’ direction on an LPG bottle.
  • Open as many windows as you can to provide ventilation and air circulation. This helps the gas to escape and stops it building up.
  • Leave the house as quickly as possible after following these steps and wait at a safe distance.
  • Call your local Jim’s gas plumber.
  • This may go without saying but under absolutely no circumstances should you smoke near the house.

What Will the Gas Plumber Do?

Gas plumbers are trained specifically for these moments, so as soon as they arrive they’ll know exactly what to do. They will use a tool called a manometer which can detect drops in pressure throughout your gas pipework. Using this tool they can isolate the area where the leak is coming from.

If it turns out to be a small crack in your pipes, it can easily be repaired on the spot. If there are larger problems at hand, it may come down to having to replace entire sections of piping. It may be that the problem wasn’t your piping and is in fact one of your gas appliances. In that case, your gas plumber can discuss replacing it and installing a new one for you.

Often this means you will receive upgraded, better quality piping and appliances that will last you long into the future, and avoid giving you another leak scare.

At the end of the day, your gas plumber’s first priority is your safety, and that means stopping that leak as soon as possible. You can have peace of mind knowing that gas plumbers are trained professionals here to help.

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