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Tradies National Health Month

Tradies Health Month

Working a trade job is difficult. Early morning starts and laborious work are only the tip of the iceberg! Did you know that tradies make up 30% of the workforce but account for nearly 60% of all serious claims? August is Tradies National Health Month, and here at Jim’s Plumbing, we take the health of our staff very seriously.

What is Tradies National Health Month?

Tradies National Health Month is a month to raise awareness for the health risks posed to those in the trade industry, their families and employers. Here at Jim’s this goes beyond just physical health. Our plumbers’ mental health is also important.

Tradespeople make up 30% of the workforce, and without them, Australia would slow down. On top of this, time away from work due to injury can put a lot of stress on home life.

We want our Jim’s plumbers and tradies across Australia to return home each day safe and healthy. For this to happen, it’s everyone’s responsibility to encourage safe working environments and encourage the tradespeople in your life to prioritise their health.

In these uncertain times with COVID-19, we’re all taking our health more seriously than ever before. COVID-19 has had a far-reaching impact on every aspect of our lives. The trade industry has also had to quickly adapt its processes and procedures to account for the physical and mental impact the pandemic has on its workers.

Physical Health

In 2014-15, 107,000 worker compensation claims were made according to Safe Work Australia. Over 62,000 of those claims were from a tradesperson! Every day, tradies make 190 serious claims and they’re three times more likely to have an incident than any other occupation.

These frightening numbers highlight the importance of Tradies National Health Month.

Nearly half of all claims are for traumatic joint injuries. Wounds/lacerations, musculoskeletal disorders and fractures make up the remaining common claims. That’s not to mention potential long-term damage such as hearing loss and sun damage that might not show itself until much later in life!

Now more than ever we’re also concerned with keeping workers safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, and beyond.

Mental Health

The long hours and physically demanding work of a tradesperson can take a toll on mental health as well. On top of dealing with a major lifestyle change thanks to COVID-19, mental health in the trade industry also needs attention.

While we’re often so focused on the physical impact of trade work, it turns out that those in the trade industry have some of the highest suicide rates in Australian men. A construction worker is actually six times more likely to die by suicide than a workplace accident.

These statistics are alarming and demonstrate the need to put just as much emphasis on mental health as physical!

What is Jim’s Plumbing Doing for Tradies National Health Month?

This August we’ll be bringing attention to tradies’ health and wellbeing over on our social media. We’ll be sharing tips to help improve safe work practices, as well as how to better relax and take care of your mental health. Share these with your friends in the trade industry, or apply them to your own life. Just remember health is important all year-round, not just in Tradies National Health Month!

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