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Toilet Plumbing with Dan

toilet plumbing with Dan

Toilet Plumbing with Dan

I’m Dan.  The man in the shiny green Jim’s van.  If you think about how often you use your toilet, it’s no surprise that things go wrong from time to time.  There are a fair few moving parts in the cistern, which is the part of the toilet we do most jobs on.  The cistern is the tank that holds the flush water.  Most of the time we have to sort out leaks where the toilet keeps on flushing with a constant trickle of water.

Check for Leaks

Those sorts of leaks can be hard to pick because often you can’t hear a little bit of water trickling down the back of the toilet pan. At Jim’s, when we do a toilet service we always check for them.  It’s something you can do for yourself if you’re not really sure that your toilet is wasting water.

Colour me Amazed

All you need is a bit of food colouring.  You should be able to take the top of the cistern off pretty easily and add some drops to colour the water in the cistern.  If you see that colour going into the toilet, then you’ve got a leak.

Blocked Toilet

Of course, that’s not the only problem you can have with the loo.  There’s the dreaded blockage when junior tries to see just how much toilet paper can go down the gurgler. Sometimes the flush button breaks or gets stuck permanently on. If you do get a button stuck, there’s a little tap plumbers call a mini stop behind the toilet that you can turn off.

Waste Water

In some houses the cistern is plumbed into the rainwater tank so you’re not wasting good drinking water flushing the toilet.  The problem we find with these is that the toilet can stop flushing when the rainwater runs out.  There’s an automatic diversion to tap water, but this doesn’t always work.

Loo like New

Over the years at Jim’s we’ve come across all these problems and more.  And naturally, we’ve fixed them. It’s also not hard for us to replace the lot if it’s in really bad condition. So if you want your loo working like new, or even actually new, contact Jim’s Plumbing today.

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