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Tapware with Dan


Hi.  I’m Dan. The man in the bright green Jim’s van. Your plumbing wouldn’t be much use to you without tapware. So it’s no surprise that Jim’s Plumbing does tapware.

Ebony and Ivory

The days when you had to fiddle around with a cold tap and a hot tap to get the right temperature are long gone.  The old school basin top and wall top taps are still around of course, but people put them in now for the look of them more than anything else.  Talking about the look of things, you don’t have to stick to the old fashioned chrome finish any more either.  You can get ivory and black and gunmetal or brushed nickel.  You can have gold too, but you’d have to supply those yourself.

No Adjustment Needed

At Jim’s we can install any tapware you want.  That’s vanities and showers and laundries and kitchens. We can even upgrade the garden taps. You won’t believe how good it is to replace the old shower set with something bang up to date like a single lever tap.  With temperature controllers on hot water all you have to do is push the lever to the right position and leave it there.  Then it’s just a matter of pulling the lever on and you get a shower at the perfect temperature for you every time.  No adjustments needed.

Leaky Breeches

And if you’re sticking with the old tapware, we know how to keep them going.  We fix things like leaky breeches – that’s the plumbing behind the taps in the shower and the bath.  If your taps are stiff and you’re having trouble turning them on and off, we can sort that out too. Fixing leaking taps is a plumber’s basic job.

In the Van

If you’ve ever wondered what’s in the shiny green Jim’s van, I can reveal one thing. Or a lot of things.  We carry a range of tapware so that if we find your taps have reached the end of their useful life we can replace them with some decent new ones on the spot.

It’s not the Tardis though.   It’s always a good idea to find the tap that really appeals to you and matches everything before you call us.  We can install any tapware you can find.


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