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Solar Hart Streamline Solar Hot Water System: 430SLV

Solar Hart Water System

One of our regular customers called through to Jim’s Plumbing looking to find a solution to all of his hot water system issues. Our customer was feeling pretty fed up with the constant luke-warm water during the winter days, that his Solarhart Streamline Solar 430SLV hot water system was producing.

Solar Hart Streamline 430SLV Hot Water System Compliance Badge

It had gotten to the point he was dreading morning showers before work, and just wanted the leisure of having a nice hot shower. Our customer felt like it was time to move away from the solar hot water system and move to something much more compatible for himself and his family.

Due to his work hours, our customer’s only available time for a plumber to attend was during the weekend, and fortunately for him, our plumbers work round the clock, providing available services 24 hours a day 7 days a week (even public holidays).

Our friendly call centre staff promptly booked our customer in for a suitable time frame for him and our plumber attended completely in uniform and ready to work.

When arriving at the site, our plumber assessed the current system that the customer had and was able to provide our customer with a quote on the spot for supply and installation of a brand new hot water system. Our plumber was able to provide various hot water system options for our customer to choose from which would be best suited for his household.

Once the hot water system, which the customer felt would be best suited for him and his family, was agreed on he accepted the quote and our plumber got straight to it! Our plumber was able to source to chosen hot water system in no time, which enabled for him to commence work immediately and complete the same day service, so our customer wasn’t left without any hot water for too long.

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At Jim’s Plumbing, we understand that sometimes we can be unprepared for situations like this to occur and although our customer was prepared to make a complete replacement to a completely different system, we have various options of payment on completion of the work, just in case. Our customer was more than happy to take advantage of our interest free payment option in which our plumber talked him through.

Once the work was completed, our customer service team got in contact with our customer to make sure he was completely satisfied with Jim’s Plumbing services. We received fantastic feedback which is always great to hear, and that our regular customer would continue using Jim’s Plumbing services!

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