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Solahart 302L – 300LT Roof Top Solar System

Our customer called Jim’s Plumbing today after seeing vans travel between jobs in their area and looking up great reviews online. They noticed an excess of water coming from their solar hot water system. As the customer was still at work at the time of their call we were unable to attend the offered time frame of within the hour*, however, we did attend within a time frame that suited the customer after they got home from work.

Upon inspection of this Solahart 302 litre Roof Top Solar system we found that, thankfully, no major components or panels were leaking. The safety relief valve was leaking. Fortunately, our plumbers carry parts to complete 95% of jobs then and there. We are repairing and replacing Solahart hot water systems on a daily basis and stocking parts to complete jobs. However, if the system does need a full replacement we do not replace Solahart with Solarhart as they are only available from a small network of distributors, so we usually replace with a more popular similar unit.

These particular Solahart 302 litre solar units are not commonly installed, these days builders and customers elect to go with the more popular split systems. This means the water tank is on the ground and not the roof. This alone makes maintenance and repairs far easier, another negative is the weight of the tank and the water collected in these Solahart units on the roof, which may cause damage. Having the tank on the ground also means the customer can easily check the system if need be, tank solar units could be leaking for months undetected, until the issue is far greater.

For a modernised home this can also be an eyesore, whereas with split systems only the panels are neatly on the roof, and tank can be easily installed on the side of a property.

We spoke to the customer regarding everything mentioned about these units but also advised that warranty is still in place so a replacement is not necessary at this stage and just something to think about, the customer was happy with this and even more so that we were able to fix the problem quickly and with a low cost to themselves.

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