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Resetting Rheem 20 Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water Unit

Today Jim’s Plumbing attended as the customer had no hot water. Upon inspection, it was simply a matter of resetting the hot water system. To do this we just had to turn the power point off and on to reset the unit and it fired up straight away producing hot water immediately.

We advised our client that this may happen from time to time with any continuous flow hot water heater and suggested they try resetting the hot water unit should this issue arise again before calling out a plumber and gas fitter.

Jim’s Plumbing regularly encounters these Rheem 20L continuous flow units as there are many of these out in the market working day in and day out. In our opinion, they are a reliable unit with a trusted household name being Rheem.

The householder was pleased it was a simple issue and not a costly exercise as they were expecting the worse. The Rheem 20 is commonly used due to many features which include a 10 year warranty on parts and 3 years warranty for labour on the heat exchanger (which is the tank of the unit). It also has a 3 year parts and labour warranty on all other working parts. This warranty is managed through Rheem themselves.

It has a 6 star energy rating and is recommended to service between 1.5 to 2 bathrooms. However if you are installing this on an older or existing home, in our experience, it will only service one bathroom. This is due to often only having 15mm pipework rather than 20mm on newer homes. This may result in a drastic hot water drop when using more than one shower or tap.

The Rheem 20 comes in both propane and natural gas models, and the nominal gas consumption is 153 mega joules an hour. There’s a choice of 2 models, one delivering 50 degree hot water and the second one delivering a warmer 60 degrees (please also allow for temperature loss from the hot water unit to the outlet as this can vary by a few degrees due to the insulation and lagging. Also the distance between the hot water unit and the tap outlet can have an effect on temperature).

There are also optional extras such as temperature controllers (keypads) to service up to 2 bathrooms and a kitchen. This will allow you to have different temperatures throughout the house as you may require hotter water in the kitchen and tepid water in your showers.

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