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Repair Leaking Shower

Fixing a Leaking Shower

On a daily basis here at Jim’s, our tradesmen are frequently called out to attend to leaking showers and shower plumbing.

What is required to repair a leaking shower plumbing is greatly dependant on the type of tapware that is existing.

There are 3 main types of tapware relating to showers and these include:

  • Shower Tapware with tap washers
  • Quarter turn tapware with cartridges
  • Shower mixer taps

Shower tapware with washers

When a tap washer is leaking, what is normally carried out by our plumbers would be to re-seat the breacher in the wall. This means that they would cut a new face or smooth surface onto the body of the breacher so that the washer could seat flush without water by-passing. Once this is re-seated they would install new hydro-seal tap washers, change the o’ring on the tap spindles and then lubricate. Once they have turned the water back on, the plumber would flush the brass filings from the re-seating process out of the pipework and then test the taps to make sure they are turning on and off. However, quite often due to the age of the existing tapware we would recommend replacing the taps rather than the servicing process discussed above, as majority of the time when servicing tapware we are not able to recondition the taps like new.

Shower Quarter turn tapware with cartridges

The process of repairing leaking ¼ or ½ turn existing taps is similar to the repair of tapware with washers. The breacher is again re-seated and a service kit is put through the tap spindles. Due to there being so many service kits and spindles available in the market, quite often we are having to order in new spindles or service kits which can take up to 7 days. In some cases, we are finding that certain models of this tapware may no longer be available, therefore resulting in the tapware having to be replaced with new or current models of ¼ or ½ turn taps.

Shower mixer taps

Shower mixers are repaired by replacing an internal cartridge which sits within the body of the mixer inside the wall. Depending on the brand of shower mixer, it may be an easily sourced part which is most common, otherwise the plumber will need to have it ordered in – taking up to 7 days. Worst case scenario is that the part needed is no longer available on the market resulting in the shower mixer having to be replaced, which will mean opening up the wall.

So should you have a leaking shower, please call a Jim’s plumber.

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