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Repair Leaking Kitchen Mixer Tap

Repair Leaking Kitchen Mixer Tap

Over the past several years, tapware in kitchens have been installed with mixer taps opposed to the old conventional spindle taps. Here at Jim’s Plumbing we are constantly repairing or replacing customer’s mixer taps. Earlier today, we had a rather distressed lady call us to have a plumber sent out to her home as her kitchen mixer tap had burst.

Thankfully, we had a plumber in the area who was able to attend within the hour. The customer was able to rest assured once I informed her that our plumber’s vans were stocked with standard mixer replacements, she was relieved that she didn’t have to rush out of the house to pick up a new mixer before we arrived.

Due to mixer taps varying greatly in price, we would normally replace a mixer tap completely if it is leaking. However, for more expensive brands and models, we are able to order in the internal cartridge rather than doing a full replacement.

One of our plumbers will be able to advise you on what the best solution is, taking into account the brand of kitchen mixer tap you currently have.

For some of the more expensive brands of mixers, we are able to install a universal cartridge which acts as the tap washer. For the mixers that have their own unique cartridge, we are able to chase up replacements for you and within 7 days we can have the part required delivered and ready for installation.

Our customer today advised our customer service team that she was extremely satisfied with her new kitchen mixer tap, that while the plumber was there, she asked him if it was possible to change her laundry spindle taps into a mixer too!

We quite often find in newer laundry’s that they are also installing mixer taps over the laundry trough as they look a lot more modern and appealing.

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