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No Water Pressure with Dan

Water pressure is one of those things you don’t think about until you don’t have it.  A shower without decent water pressure is not worth having.  It hardly rinses off the soap. And no-one wants the cistern to take ten minutes to fill up again.

Out of your Hands

Sometimes a drop in water pressure is something you can’t really do anything about.  A burst water main is going to affect your water pressure big time.  If that happens, you’ll just have to wait for the powers that be to fix it.  You might have to have a shower at work if they’ve got one.

Check all Locations

There are a few things you can do to sort out what problem you’ve got if things have reduced to a trickle.  The first thing to do is check all the taps to see if the slow flow is just in one place or not.

Calcium, Lime & Rust

You get mineral build-up that can block pipes and taps.  It’s common in shower roses because all those little holes can get clogged over time.  You can have a go at fixing it with that stuff you use to clean rust stains.  Take the rose off and give it a soak in the stuff to dissolve the build-up.

Run Hot and Cold

If it’s just one mixer tap it’s likely to be the aerator that’s clogged.  You can have a go at cleaning it or just replace it.  Or we can do it for you of course.

With checking all the taps, remember to try both the hot and the cold.  You can get a drop in pressure from the hot water system and if that’s it, it’s something you’ll need to have looked at.

The Main Game

If all your taps are running slow, there are two main things to check for.  First is the tap on the mains.  An accidental knock can turn the pressure down or junior might have been wondering what that tap does.  Give it a check and put it on full and you might have solved your problem.  The other thing you might have is a big leak somewhere.

Jim’s can sort out the issue without any worries if all that fails.  You have to sort it out or keep showering at work.

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