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Leda Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water System

Leda Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water System Service

After having called around to a few different plumbing companies regarding their hot water system and everyone saying they were unable to attend as they had never heard of the unit, the customer was extremely thankful for Jim’s Plumbing could attend to take a look at this unit.

As they only had it installed recently and needed it moved to a different location with no response from the original installers of this hot water system. This was a unit that we have also never heard of before so it was interesting to see what type of unit it actually was. It was a continuous flow gas hot water system with a 6 star energy rating, meaning it was basically the same as any other continuous flow hot water system that we work on.

We will look further into this as it looks like another well-known brand that has been rebadged as the internals are identical to other units we work on.We will investigate this further as this is the first Leda we have come across although it may be a great unit. We advised the customer to stay within well-known brands, to allow more repairers and parts in the future.

In researching after the job was completed found the heater was manufactured in Japan by Takagi. These continuous flow units are available in 20 litre and 26 litre models and are available for natural gas and also LPG. Like any other hot water system, there is an option of controllers for bathrooms or kitchens. The next unit we come across we will double check the internals to see what this unit actually is.

We were able to move the position of this hot water system. We moved the hot and cold water boards, the gas supply and put the unit in its new position requested by our customer at the side of the home. We also organised a plumber to install a single outdoor powerpoint for the new position.

The customer has called us since for a few other maintenance jobs, such as leaking taps, dishwasher installation, and a blocked toilet.

We pride ourselves in delivering a service that makes people come back – building a relationship with our repeat customers for any plumbing needs in the future.

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