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Leaking Pipes with Dan

I’m Dan. The man in the bright green Jim’s van. Leaking pipes are things that can go under the radar.  If it’s been a wet winter and an old pipe goes in the garden, chances are you won’t notice until the spring when you start wondering why the roses are doing so well and a big water bill arrives.

Why don’t Plumbers use Galvanised Pipes Any More?

We see the old galvanised iron pipes in the older homes leaking all the time.  They rust from the inside and eventually fall apart.  Back in the day plastics weren’t advanced enough to make durable pipes and the galv pipes were cheaper than copper.  So that’s what they used.  Originally the inside and outside of the pipe was lined with zinc to stop rusting – that’s what galvanised means – but the lining doesn’t last forever and sooner or later rust sets in and you’ll get a leak. Galv pipes aren’t used any more and haven’t been for decades.  That means if you’ve still got them you can look forward to leaks in the long run because your pipes are bound to be reaching the end of their life.

Rusty Water

A telltale sign that there’s trouble brewing is if you haven’t turned the garden tap on for a while and when you do you get rusty water.  It’s pretty obvious from that what’s happening underground in your pipes. It’s only a matter of time before the pipe stops being a pipe and becomes an irrigation system.

Finding the Leak

Let’s say you’re pretty observant and notice that part of the yard is turning into a marsh and it hasn’t rained for a couple of weeks.  Now you have to find the leak.  You might be surprised by how deeply buried some of those old pipes are.  At least the soil is well moistened.  But really, it’s best to leave all that to the plumber because putting in a new section is tricky and it’s not likely that you’ll have the know-how. That said, I’ve never met a plumber who says they enjoy digging.

Types of Pipes

I’ve talked a lot about old galv pipes in the garden, but that doesn’t mean other pipes don’t spring a leak.  It can be a very ordinary experience to discover that some copper pipe in your wall cavity isn’t doing its job properly anymore.  And plastic pipes aren’t perfect either.

Jim’s to the Rescue

Wherever you or your cat find a leaking pipe, Jim’s can help.  It’s one of those things you have to get fixed or you cop the bill for the wasted water.  And you can’t just switch off the mains for a while.  If you try that you’ll quickly find out how much you use running water.  All the time.  So if your plastic, copper or galvanised pipe springs a leak or bursts, let Jim’s come to the rescue ASAP.



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