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Kitchen Mixer Tap Dripping

Repair Dripping Kitchen Mixer Tap

Having a mixer tap in the kitchen is an easy to use option because you have the ability to control the temperature of the stream of water coming out by moving the lever left or right, rather than turning on a singular tap that is either only hot or cold.

In the past 20+ years, it has become increasingly more common to see mixer taps installed in Australian kitchens. Installing a mixer tap in the kitchen instantly makes the area appear more modern than that of standard taps and are sometimes a feature of a kitchen.

Kitchen mixer taps vary in price, from cheaper $60 taps right through some imported brands which can be over $1,000 each.

Mixer taps come in many varieties and designs to suit your kitchen – contemporary, stylish, traditional, curved, straight, decorative, plain, lever at the top, under or the side, different colours. The options are endless!

Often the choice of which kitchen mixer tap comes down to not only practicality but personal preference and taste. If you have a particular preference for a tap, it’s often easier to purchase from a plumbing supplier or hardware store the option you wish to have installed and we will be more than happy to accommodate.

Some kitchen mixer taps provide extra practical features, including ones that are a veggie sprayer and hose connected to spout which gives more flexibility and ease of use when washing vegetables or even cleaning a kitchen dinner plate.

Another practical reason why a kitchen mixer tap may be installed is for ease of use, particularly for the elderly, those suffering from arthritis or people who have difficulty turning a traditional tap.

If you have no preference and simply are looking for practicality (i.e. replace a damaged tap), we, of course, keep standard mixer taps in stock in our vans.

A common problem we find when servicing mixer taps is that not only the cartridge leaks and damages the tap washer, the two stainless steel flexible hoses that connect onto the water supply often split and at times flood the kitchen entirely!

Our plumbers repair and replace taps every day. In fact, we consider ourselves experts in all things tapware related. When having one of our mixer tap technicians attend, ensure you ask him what he considers to be the best option; whether you should replace your mixer tap entirely or replace the mixer cartridge only.

Sometimes it can be far more cost-effective to replace than trying to source parts. Plus a new tap is likely to last longer going into the future.

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