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As a promotion, Jim’s Plumbing have had one of their existing vans vinyl wrapped in chrome gold. This vehicle wrap portrays the image, that the van is gold plated. However it is as simple as signage commonly seen on many vehicles except for the shiny chrome texture. Since introducing this van to the market, it has gained extensive exposure. Appearing on many Facebook and social media sites and serving its purpose in branding of the name Jim’s Plumbing.

Over a number of years we have been trying to think of a type of signage that would stand out while driving between jobs. We looked at the idea of vans being fully wrapped in neon super colours, similar to the V8 Supercars. We looked at mobile LED signage. However until now, we have not been satisfied with the options available. Whether the van is mobile driving along the road or sitting stationary, it is certainly turning heads. We believe this is strongly assisting the branding of our company by making consumers aware that the Jim’s Group do have a plumbing division.

Jim’s Plumbing is able to offer a 24 hour service, 7 days a week. For your plumbing/gas fitting and hot water emergencies. With the new gold class service we are normally able to offer a plumber to you within the hour 1300 068 480.

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