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Jim’s Plumbing Brushes with Googly Eyes Bandits

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This week, three of Australia’s most recognised brands made headlines when sneaky, nimble pranksters altered their famous logos with king-sized googly eyes.

You may have seen the faces of Jim’s Plumbing joining the likes of Dan Murphy’s and Colonel Sanders as the googly eyes trend spread across Adelaide.

The simple yet effective transformation impacted social media, kickstarting a trend and providing a much-needed distraction from the usual bleak headlines.

The googly eyes trend made waves on the Just Adelaide Things Instagram account, where our green Jim’s Plumbing van received over 7.7k likes.

“This is brilliant and just what we all need right now…laughter and humour,” typed one user.

“Please never let this end,” wrote another.

@welcometosa #adelaide #adelaidetiktok #southaustralia #adelaideaustralia #adelaidelife #adelaidefun ♬ In Your Eyes – The Weeknd

But with no sign of the culprits, many were left wondering who was responsible for the googly eyes and just where they found a ladder tall enough to scale one of KFC’s giant bucket signs.

One of our Jim’s Plumbing vans was defaced while parked in Gawler Place during broad daylight while a technician visited our Adelaide CBD office.

A pair of oversized googly eyes were expertly placed over the eyes of the famous Jim’s logo surprising the technician on his return and providing a perfect photo opportunity.

The only thing missing was the pipe cleaner moustache.

And who can be mad at these larrikins?

Not us.

This is exactly the sort of lighthearted humour Australia needs right now.

Googly eyed ninjas, we salute you! And if you ever need an after-hours plumber, you know who to call.


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