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Jim’s Plumbing does the Installation of Bathtubs

Bathtub Installation

Today, after calling numerous companies to find the soonest availability of a plumber, a new customer called Jim’s Plumbing. They had done a bathroom renovation had bought brand new modern-day bathtub and also a sink and tapware which they wished to be installed as soon as possible once it had arrived which was to be the following day of the phone call. The job was booked at the customer’s request.

The Jim’s plumber was professional and took the appropriate amount of time to install the bathtub, but to also make sure that it was done safely and would remain stable.

Once the plumber had installed the bathtub, he was sure to leave no mess behind. On completion of the work, the plumber was able to offer the customer various payment options – such as cash, cheque and card!

Our plumbers have EFT mobile facilities in their vans – which most customers find the quickest and easiest to do.

Shortly after, the customer service team from Jim’s Plumbing had called the customer to see if they were happy with both the plumber himself and the work that he had done for them.

As it was a new customer that we were dealing with, it was just as important as a regular customer. The customer service team call operator asked if there were any feedback that they would like to pass on to us to improve the quality of the work.

The customer advised they were very happy with both the plumber and the work that he had done with installing the bathtub as well as the sink and taps, and did not have any feedback on how we could improve, as they believed we were 100% satisfied with his professionalism.

The installation of a bathtub should only be carried out by a qualified tradesman, such as a qualified plumber from Jim’s Plumbing.

Not only do we specialise in the installation of bathtubs, but we also specialise in the installation of appliances such as dishwashers, fridges and hot water heaters etc.

So why would you call anyone else? Here at Jim’s Plumbing, we are friendly, professional and more than happy to give our expertise and help!

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