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Install Water to Fridges

Fridge Installation

As it was coming up to summer, one of our regular customers gave us a call at Jim’s Plumbing and wanted us to install plumbing so they had cold water available from their water dispenser. Although they had a swimming pool, instant cold water from the fridge was a must for the hot weather! As the customer was due to have people over the next day, they requested us to be there as soon as possible, and so we offered them a time for within the hour!

The customer was more than happy to book the job as they needed it done by tomorrow to supply their guests with refreshing, ice cold water as it was due to be a hot day – just as they always are in Australia! As promised by the Jim’s Plumbing booking agency, the fully qualified plumber arrived at the customer’s property within the hour and began the installation of the water to the fridge straight away.

He did not waste any time in getting the job done proficiently. The customer approached the plumber and said he had almost attempted to do the work himself but was fortunate that he didn’t as something would have gone wrong – such as a burst pipe or the breaking of a particular part -as he did not have the experience that the plumber had with this type of work. Having ice and cold water available on request is encouraging to keep hydrated, especially during the hot summers. So if you need your water installed to your fridge, Jim’s Plumbing have plumbers to do that for you.

This type of work can be complex, so it is best to have a highly qualified plumber do it for you, to ensure it is done properly and that nothing goes wrong. We ensure our work, so there’s no need to worry about the unfortunate and unlikely event that something goes wrong soon after. Our plumbers vans are fully equipped with all the necessary parts and tools for all jobs*, and have GPS trackers so we can locate the nearest mobile plumber to you – and arrive within the hour!* we also carry mobile EFTPOS facilities in our vans, and have other payment options such as cash and cheque, so whatever is convenient for you!

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