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How to Clean Your Own Drains

How to Clean Your Own Drains

Blocked drains are one of the most common complaints reported to Jim’s Plumbing, Australia-wide. So it is no wonder that our customers are turning to a wide range of DIY measures in attempts to unblock their drains themselves. Whilst drain cleaning is sometimes best left to the experts, there are some ways in which you can attempt to clear your own blocked drains without shelling out for an expert plumber.

Whether you have a blocked toilet, basin, shower, waste or drain grate, or you have a sewer or storm water blockage, our Jim’s plumbers in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane are experienced and can quickly and efficiently clean your blocked drains 24/7.

However, it is important to remember that safety is paramount. Our plumbers have years of training and industry experience behind them to ensure that your blocked drain is cleared completely, competently and safely.

Over the years, some of the most interesting DIY measures that our customers have attempted include using bent wire hangers, baking soda and vinegar and even vacuum cleaners to unblock their drains!

A bent wire hanger can sometimes be useful to extract the excess hair and debris that can build up in the upper portion of your sinks and basins, and sometimes this may be enough to clear the blockage.

Mixing equal parts baking soda and vinegar has been successful in some minor blockages due to the fizzing action. When the two products are combined and then immediately poured down the blocked drain and then left to sit for an extended period of an hour or so, this can clean a drain.

Using a vacuum cleaner has achieved more varied results, and can only be employed if you have a vacuum cleaner that is designed for both wet and dry use.

Whilst there is a range of DIY methods that can be used to attempt to clear blocked drains with varying degrees of success, sometimes you just want results.

Contact Jim’s Plumbing

We recommend for more serious blockages, contact Jim’s Plumbing!

One of our expert plumbers can usually be on site within an hour* of your call for help to assist with your blocked drains. Our plumbers are highly trained in the art of clearing drains and are qualified to operate a range of machinery including hydro jet and Marco machines that make clearing blocked drains a breeze.

Furthermore, our plumbers can also perform a CCTV drain inspection to demonstrate to you the cause of your blockage and confirm that it has been resolved. This gives you added confidence that the job has been completed to your satisfaction and assists you in preventing the problem from recurring.

Contact Jim’s Plumbing today for all of your blocked drain needs!

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