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How to Check for a Gas Leak

Jim’s Plumbing Can Assist With Gas Leaks

One of the main reasons that our customers contact us here at Jim’s Plumbing is when they suspect that there may be a gas leak in their home or business. The suspicion of a gas leak often stems from a few different indicators. The most common sign of a gas leak is smelling gas inside or outside of the house. Gas in its natural state is odourless, however, due to its hazardous nature, all gas has an odorant added to it so that it smells distinctly like sulphur or rotten eggs.

In an emergency situation we are often able to replace gas pipework the same day – and we’re available 24 hours, 7 days a week!

Another reason a customer might suspect a gas leak is when the gas authority has turned the meter off to the house. During routine testing or gas meter replacement they may have detected a leak on the customer’s side. Thirdly, an excessive gas bill compared to previous bills can be suggestive of a gas leak.

Because gas is colourless, our normal customer is unable to give an assessment of whether they have a gas leak or not. For this reason it is best for one of our qualified gas fitters to come out and put a gas manometer to test existing gas pipework which will tell us if a gas leak is truly present. Should the manometer reveal a leak, we would then proceed to test every visible connection and joint on the gas pipe work. If we are still unable to find a leak, we would then disconnect and isolate all gas appliances from the gas pipework and retest the pipework alone. This will show us whether there is a gas leak on one of the appliances or the pipework from the meter connecting to the gas appliances. No drop in pressure when re-testing the pipework with the appliances disconnected means that the gas leak was in fact only on one of the appliances. We would then reconnect the appliances in succession, retesting as we do so to find the faulty appliance.

In summary, checking for a gas leak is a process of elimination by testing, disconnecting, reconnecting and re-testing again of the gas pipework and associated gas appliance.

The best way to handle a gas leak is by booking a qualified gas fitter from Jim’s Plumbing immediately.

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