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How to Buy a Water Heater with Humm

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Once installed, the trusty electric water heater tends not to receive a second thought. At least not until something goes wrong. And then you’re looking for an emergency plumber or chasing a new water heater with the possibility of having it installed the same day.

Jim’s Plumbing is available for same day service and repairs. We can even be at your door within the hour*. However, many of us don’t have the money to purchase a new water heater at a moment’s notice. This is where Humm comes in handy.

Humm is one of Australia’s leading financiers, offering approved customers an interest free line of credit. Jim’s Plumbing makes Humm available as a payment option for all installation, servicing and repairs. This way, you can have your hot water heater up and running today and pay for the work at a rate that better suits your budget.

How Does Humm Work?

Unlike other buy now pay later companies, Humm goes beyond the standard $1000 limit to offer an interest free line of credit up to $30,000.

Humm users choose between two wallets: Little Things is ideal for everyday spending up to $2,000 while Big Things handles purchases extending up to $30,000.

Little Things purchases are repaid across 5 or 10 fortnightly instalments, while Big Things can be paid over your choice of 6, 12, 24 or 60 monthly instalments.

How Much Does Humm Cost?

Humm is available to Australian residents 18 years and older. You need to have a permanent job and work a minimum of 25 hours per week to be eligible. Pensioners are also accepted.

Humm does have a one-off establishment fee that ranges between $35 – $90, with an $8.00 monthly fee on purchases paid off over periods longer than 5 fortnights.

You can sign up for Humm pay online, via the Humm app, or a Jim’s Plumbing technician can help you sign up at your door. We also offer Zip Pay on all repair work for your convenience.

How Does Zip Pay Work?

Zip Pay is a buy now pay later service offering an interest free line of credit up to $1000. The limit can increase to $5000 when switching over to a Zip Money account.

Zip Pay is open to all Aussies at least 18 years of age with a reasonable credit history. There are no establishment fees and just a $6 monthly fee that’s waived when the owing balance is $0. Repayments start from as low as $10 a week, but you can always repay in higher amounts.

An account can be created online using the Zip Pay app, or a Jim’s Plumbing technician can sign you up when they complete your work. Approval takes just minutes.

Interest Free Water Heaters

It’s nice to have money put aside for emergencies, but this can be little more than wishful thinking for many of us. Humm and Zip Pay grant you the necessary funds today without all the interest of a credit card, and you can pay for the plumbing work at a rate that suits your budget and lifestyle.

To explore interest free options, call us today!

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