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How Much to Clear a Blocked Drain?

How Much to Clear a Blocked Drain

Blocked Drains are a nightmare. Whether it’s the toilet or kitchen, laundry or backyard, you can certainly expect major headaches because of clogged drains.

Sometimes it will be a quick fix, though. Clearing blocked drains could be as easy as removing hair from a shower grate. Or, it could be a challenge that requires a drain camera, hydro jet drain cleaner and pipe relining.

With so many potential outcomes it’s easy to see why the cost of clearing blockages and repairing pipes varies.

But if you are currently faced with a severe clog, you certainly want to know what to expect. Easy! Just keep reading to learn more about the professional solutions on offer to unblock drains and what you should expect to pay.

Fixing the Small Stuff: Minor Blockages

During your time as a renter or homeowner, you’ll encounter plenty of blockages at your property. The kitchen sink, toilet, shower drain, etc, will all be at risk of a clog. Sometimes it may just be a simple one, too!

Hair often gets tangled or caught in shower drains and bathroom drains. Minor blockages are likely thanks to a mixture of soap and grease. Meanwhile, a blocked toilet can be caused by something like toilet paper or invasive tree roots – which we’ll talk about soon.

The cost to clear a drain will therefore depend on what the problem is. The use of a plunger or chemical drain cleaner will be at the lower end of the scale. A handheld drain auger will be slightly more.

Alternatively, there are DIY tricks involving coathangers or household chemicals, and that can save money. But if something does go wrong, you may end up spending more once you call a professional plumber.

Serious Drain Cleaning Tools

Often the offending blockage is found further down the pipeline, well out of reach of a plunger. That’s when an electric drain cleaning machine or hydro jet drain cleaner is required.

In conjunction with an initial CCTV drain camera inspection, both tools are highly effective at removing debris, tree roots or anything else from a drainage system.

Using high pressure jets of water, hydro jet drain cleaners are undeniably the best tool for breaking apart any blockage. They can tackle the issue in a short stretch of blocked pipes, or a full stormwater or sewage system. Even the most stubborn roots will be sliced apart and flushed away with ease.

The best part is the pipework itself is not damaged. As a result of this, pipe relining is a perfect follow up tactic. A damaged drain is filled with a new liner that sets in place and is hard as a rock. All without digging up the ground!

Drainage Excavation: Major Repairs

If your sewer drains are continually blocking we are able to offer a long term solution to excavate and replace the drain. This is often best when the entire drainage system is compromised and pipe relining cannot be performed.

Unfortunately, the costs do increase. Drainage excavation is a big job that requires digging up the entire affected plumbing and drainage system. Your licensed plumber will then replace the pipes with brand new PVC, removing all broken pieces.

Customers will never have to worry about the cost of clearing a blocked drain here. Jim’s Plumbing always provides an upfront fixed price quote so you know exactly what you are up for before we commence larger jobs.

How Much Does it Cost for Pipe Relining

Jim’s Plumbing operates across Australia with licensed plumbers in AdelaideMelbournePerthSydney and Brisbane. Whether you have a blocked toilet, bathroom basin, or stormwater blockage, we can always clear a blocked drain with 24/7 plumbing services.

If your drain requires minor or major work you can take up the offer of no deposit, interest free terms** to help balance the cost. You can enjoy clean and clear drains without breaking the bank in an emergency.

Remember, the price is not everything. The focus should always be on long term success. No one should ever put up with drains that repeatedly block year after year. That’s what Jim’s Plumbing will always highly recommend a thorough investigation by our reliable plumbers.

You’ll know the best fix and can enjoy long lasting success. Our customers can always trust Jim’s Plumbing to deliver a professional drain cleaning service at a fair price. We always arrive with the necessary equipment and you can always expect a quality repair at all hours of the day.

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