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How is a Blocked Drain Fixed?

No Matter the Time of Day or Night

Whether you have a blocked toilet, basin, shower, waste or drain grate, or you have a sewer or stormwater blockage, our Jim’s Plumbers in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane are experienced and can quickly and efficiently clean your blocked drains 24/7.

Once I have arrived on site, I greet the customer and introduce myself. I am able to explain the rates and provide the customer with a form to sign if they are happy with the explained rates. Once the form is signed, I ask the customer some basic information like where they have been noticing the drains becoming blocked for example, whether it is just the toilet or bathroom or if it is all the drains in the house. Once the customer has shown me to the drain with the problem, I locate the government inspection point to make sure that the blockage is on the customer’s side rather than on the water corp’s side.

Once the blockage has been confirmed to be on the customer side, I will locate and open any other inspection point in order to isolate the area where the blockage is located. If the blockage is found to be in an external area I would continue to set up the hydro machine to clear and clean the drain. Once I’ve asked the customer to close the toilet seat to stop any mess occurring, I connect the water supply using the garden tap to the hydro machine and run the main hydro hose to the area of work.

With the hydro set up, I connect the mini hydro to the hose and place the mini hydro into the drain via the access opening. The hydro jet machine will pull itself along the drain until it reaches the blockage. Once the hydro jet has removed the blockage so the drain is flowing once again I will turn off the hydro jet and remove it from the drain. With the hydro machine removed, I set up the CCTV camera to complete an inspection of the drains to find the cause of the blockage. If the cause of blockage is either tree roots or broken and damaged pipes, I show the customer on the CCTV monitor the issue and explain that due to the possible ongoing problems that the customer may have to have the drain replaced for a more permanent solution. I am able to provide the customer with a detailed fixed price to have the current problems rectified.

Guarantee a Same Day Plumbing Service 24/7

If you are tired of waiting for an unreliable plumber to attend who has not kept to the appointment time, or possibly can’t get to your location for a few days, then why not ring the reliable team from Jim’s Plumbing? We guarantee a same day plumbing service and will be on time, every time, 24 hours, 7 days a week for your blocked drain emergency.

When providing a fixed price, we use a variety of different approaches to provide the customer with the most accurate price possible. Most commonly we use a camera locator to pinpoint the exact location of the damaged pipe that needs replacing. I am able to determine how deep the drain is and if there are any other access issues to replace the drain in that area. With the quoted price given to me by our head office, I am able to explain to the customer what work is required and provide them with a fixed price to have the work completed.

When the customer is happy with the fixed price, I then provide them with the appropriate paperwork to sign which can include Certegy paperwork, which is one of our interest free payment plans that we have available. Once the paper work is completed, I begin marking out the sections that we need to dig up and arrange for extra equipment if needed, which is included in the fixed price provided.

With internal blockages, there are 2 different approaches that can be used, depending on the age of the home. With an older style house, I will locate the gully, which will allow me access to the drain line and enable me to attempt to remove the blockage. If it is a newer house, they do not have a gully as they are no longer built with one. If this case I would have to access the drain line via the bathroom. Sometimes there may be a mess, therefore I explain this to the customer and try to eliminate as much mess as possible. We also carry a small camera to use on the smaller internal drains.

After the drain has been cleared, I test the drain to make there are no further blockages this will include a paper test for the main drain if required. With no further blockages found, I close up all inspection points and clean any mess that may have been made. I also place a sticker on the hot water system in case the customer requires any future work. With the hydro jet packed up, I complete the invoice on the computer which includes all work that was completed as well as any quotes given for future work.

With the invoice printed out, I provide the invoice to the customer as well as a business card and fridge magnet should they need our number again. If the customer does not require any further information, I then process the payment whether it is cash, cheque or credit card and provide them with a receipt. With payment completed I then process the payment and close of the job via my onboard computer and move off the next job for the day, leaving the customer with a functioning drain system once again.

No Obligation Quote for the Repair or Replacement of Drain Sections

This is a very common type of drain blockage. Stormwater drains commonly block up due to tree roots, dirt & silt lying in the pipes. Stormwater drains are the pipes that connect the pipes from the roof & the sumps in the garden, which then discharge to the water table (kerb) in the street. If any damage to your stormwater pipes has occurred from the blockage, your attending Jim’s Plumber will be able to supply you with a no obligation quote for the repair or replacement of drain sections.

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