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Hot Water with Dan

Hot Water with Dan

I’m Dan. The man in the bright green Jim’s van. I don’t know why people say that you’re in hot water if you’re in trouble. Because with no hot water you are definitely in a spot of bother. No shower is no fun for you or the people around you.

Hot Water Hassles

Here at Jim’s we sort out hot water hassles every day of the week. We can fix them and, if the old unit is past its use by date, we can replace them. It’s not a good moment when the hot water starts running cold or not running at all. But there can be a silver lining.

Upgrade and Save

New hot water systems are much more efficient than the old ones. Even if you decide to stick with a storage system, the technology has improved so that you won’t burn through power at the same rate you used to. A disaster can be an opportunity.  If the system is stuffed, it’s forced you to get something better.  It doesn’t have to be the same thing either. Going from electric to gas has got some extra costs, but a brand new gas continuous unit will save so much on your bills that it’ll eventually pay for itself.

Tiny Bills

Same goes for solar systems. There’s no denying that they’re pricey, but once in, you only pay for a bit of a boost from your electricity or gas on the darkest days of winter. We’re talking a small fraction of what you pay for other hot water and years of tiny bills. And you’ll be as green as my van.

Which Hot Water System is Best?

It all depends on what you want and what you need. A big family needs more storage capacity or a bigger gas continuous system to meet the hot water demand. You might really want your shower at mains pressure that stays that way and doesn’t turn into a cold trickle if someone flushes the toilet halfway through. In that case a good electric storage system would do the job.  Or you might have had enough of adjusting the hot and cold taps to set the temperature and just want to turn on the right warmth every time without fiddling with taps.

Getting it Just Right

You can talk this sort of stuff over with you Jim’s plumber and we can tell you exactly what hot water system is best for you. We can do all the new taps and electronic tempering systems that make sure the kids never get scalded.  Jim’s can put in any hot water system you care to name.

Hot Water Solution

It doesn’t matter if it’s Chromagen, Dux, Rheem or Rinnai that you’ve got in mind. We source and work with all the hot water brands. And keep in mind that hot water is something you use every single day.  It’s worth giving some thought to doing it right so it works properly and doesn’t cost too much in the long run.

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