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Gas Stove Repair Tips

Gas Stove Repair Tips

Jim’s Plumbing work on a wide range of appliances such as hot water systems, ovens, hot plates, room heaters and many more. However, whilst stoves are one of our areas of expertise, stoves do not seem to be a large component of the work that we see on a daily basis. In an emergency situation we are often able to replace gas pipework the same day – and we’re available 24 hours, 7 days a week!

Gas Leaks

When Jim’s Plumber is called out to assist with a gas stove, the most common problem we would face with would have to be gas leaks. The leaks in these appliances most commonly originate from the connection from the wall to the stove, however, sometimes we do find internal gas leaks within the gas stove. Another common issue is the controllers that open and close the gas supply to the stove, as often these can seize and or leak gas.

Customers also have to take into consideration when calling out a gas fitter to a gas stove repair whether it would be more beneficial to replace the stove complete with a more current and efficient model now available on the market rather than attempting to repair the unit. The decision whether to have a gas fitter repair an old stove or put that money towards a newer model should not be taken lightly. Some older models of gas stoves no longer have parts available or the labour component of having to pull apart a stove that may be leaking gas internally may be costly, increasing the tendency for customers to elect to replace their stove entirely rather than attempting repair of the existing stove.

One main tip that Jim’s Plumbing would advise any customer having a gas stove that requires repair would be to turn off their gas meter until a Jim’gass gas fitter attends to avoid a dangerous gas leak.

One of our fully qualified gas fitters will then be able to discuss the required repairs and safely work on the stove. We will be able to test and give a solution, whether that be repair or replacement of the existing stove.

For all of your gas stove requirements, contact Jim’s Plumbing today!

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