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Emergency Plumbing with Dan

emergency plumbing with Dan

What Emergency?

This is Dan. I’m the man in the bright green Jim’s van. Today’s blog is about emergency plumbing. Plumbing disasters are obviously not life and death emergencies, but if a pipe’s burst and you have to shut the water off, you’ve got no water. You can say that’s not really an emergency, but a family has to have water. You don’t want to turn up to work unshowered or send the kids to school grubby. How are you going to fill the kettle?  And there’s only one flush left in the toilet. If an emergency is something you have to deal with then and there, a burst pipe rates as an emergency.

Sorted Pronto

The point is that some plumbing jobs need to be sorted pronto.  That’s where Jim’s comes in. You pay no more after hours.  Our rates stay the same and you can get on to us at all hours.  You can come home to a burst pipe and have it fixed that evening with everything back to normal for the morning and have the same bill as you would if you’d waited to have it done during business hours.

The Right Bits and Pieces

The same sort of thing applies with hot water. Once your system gives up the ghost, you can get Jim’s out the day you realise that something has to be done and have it replaced or repaired. At Jim’s, we’re geared up for emergency plumbing with the van full of the sort of spare parts and bits and pieces you need to fix emergencies.

Just a Memory

We’ve been at the plumbing caper for over 15 years, so we’re prepared for pretty much anything. Water gushing everywhere will be just a memory much faster if you go with Jim’s for your emergency plumbing repairs. Contact us today.

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