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DIY Gas Appliance Repair

DIY Gas Appliance Repair

Some of the gas appliances that the expert plumbers at Jim’s Plumbing repair on a day to day basis include gas hot water systems, gas hot plate and cookers, gas central heating and gas room heaters. One of the major pitfalls we encounter is that when one of our qualified gas technicians attends to repair one of the above gas appliances, parts may not be readily available or even available at all for older units.

In an Emergency Situation, We Are Often Able To Replace Gas Pipework the Same Day

In some situations, depending on the nature of the repair required, it often works out more cost effective and beneficial to the customer to replace the existing appliance with something more modern and new. Unfortunately sometimes due to unavailable parts, the customer is forced into making this decision, however, in the majority of instances, we are able to find a way to repair most gas appliances should the customer decide to go down this route.

Each of the states and territories of Australia has extremely strict gas guidelines when it comes to gas, which only permits a trade qualified gas fitter to repair or work on any gas fixture within a home or property. They issue heavy fines and prosecutions should any person or persons be found to be working on any gas fixture that is not qualified to do so. This is due to the fact that gas can be an extremely hazardous substance, and it is simply not worth the risk of an unqualified person attempting to fix a gas related issue.

In the case of a gas issue within the property, Jim’s Plumbing would always advise a customer to turn off their gas meter until the gas fitter arrives and not to try and analyse and or repair what they think may be required as history shows that it sometimes can be not only dangerous but fatal when inexperienced and unqualified people tamper with gas!

Gas is an invisible substance, which unlike water you cannot see should it be leaking, so precautions must be taken. This is why we would suggest that you turn off your gas meter in the instance of a leak.

Realistically, the only sensible decision in the case of a suspected issue with your gas appliance is to contact Jim’s Plumbing immediately!

Our expert plumbers are on call to assist with your gas calamities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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