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Connecting Gas to BBQ

Connecting Gas to BBQ

One of the many jobs that Jim’s Plumbing attends to is connecting gas up to a BBQ, including running the gas pipework and gas fitting services. It is normally advisable when purchasing a BBQ that you request that it already converted to mains gas so that it contains a gas regulator for LPG gas.

LPG BBQ’s require a different regulator, different burners or injectors as the gases work under different pressures. Bottle gas has a lot greater gas pressure than that of mains or street gas. (in some states it is required that it is already connected so that it’s already set up for natural gas as we are not able to convert them over, however please call one of our friendly call centre staff who will be able to advise you on this)

The advantage of having your BBQ connected to the mains gas is that you do not have to change any gas bottles or run into the problem of running out of gas halfway through cooking your food. It is also far cheaper to run mains gas than LPG bottled gas, gas and it is for these reasons that many customers convert over. It is becoming more and more popular on newer homes to have outdoor kitchen areas where often an outdoor BBQ is incorporated.

It is common for us to receive calls to run the gas pipework to the gas addition, or even for older homes where the homeowner wishes to renovate or upgrade their premises.

You can be assured that our plumbers are qualified gas fitters and hold all the appropriate licencing.

Upon completion of the work, the plumber will provide a Certificate of Conformity, so that you have peace of mind we have completed the gas work to code and is 100% safe.

Our plumbers will also make sure our gas work (and in fact all our plumbing work) is completed professionally.

We are aware of the fact that you are spending hard-earned money on your upgrade so we do not want to ruin it with unsightly pipework jutting out or anything that looks unprofessional. We clean up any mess we may have made in the process and ensure your property is looked after as much as possible.

We find we are often recommended to friends and family through word-of-mouth for our professionalism and our workmanship.

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