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Burst Pipes with Dan

Burst pipes with dan

Burst Pipes with Dan

I’m Dan.  The man in the bright green Jim’s van. Burst pipes are among the more alarming things in plumbing. You know you’ve got a problem when water is gushing all over the place.  But don’t panic.  All you have to do is turn the water off at the mains.  That’s the tap on your meter. If you don’t know where your meter is, you’d better find out. In houses, they’re usually out by the front fence.  Once you’ve turned the water off, you can open a tap inside to drain all the water in the system. Then you’ll realise that you are going to have to call a plumber pronto.

You might be surprised how much you rely on having running water about the place. Try putting the kettle on or going to the toilet and you’ll see what I mean. So give Jim’s a ring and we’ll be around in a flash.

Types of Pipes

All sorts of pipes can spring a leak.  It’s very common for the old galv pipes in the garden to go because they are steadily rusting out and are reaching the end of their useful life. But copper isn’t perfect.  Sometimes a weld fails and it can be a very ordinary experience to discover that some pipe in your wall cavity isn’t doing its job properly anymore. And plastic pipes aren’t immune to splitting either.  Most of the time the weak point is at a junction with all pipes.  But when they go, you know you have to get it fixed. We specialise in burst pipe repairs.

Jim to the Rescue

Whenever you are confronted by a burst pipe, Jim’s can help. So if your plastic, copper or galvanised pipe bursts, let Jim’s come to the rescue. We can be there at any time. 24/7 emergency plumbing is what we do. Sunday or Christmas day makes no difference. Jim’s will come out when you need them.

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