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Blocked Drains with Dan the Man

Blocked Drains with Dan

Blocked Drains with Dan

This is Dan.  The man in the bright green van. Blocked drains are the pits. You break out the plunger and that won’t do the trick. Then you go and spend money at the supermarket buying some chemicals that you literally pour down the drain for nothing.

Bread and Butter

Your best bet is to get in a professional from the get go.  Here at Jim’s, blocked drains are our bread and butter, so to speak. We’ve seen it all and we have the gear you need to clear any blockage.   We have electric drain cleaners for the more straightforward jobs and generally can have things flowing again in no time.

Heavy Artillery

Sometimes things can be a bit more serious. That’s when we break out the CCTV drain camera to see exactly what’s going on and where. The stubborn blockages are mostly tree roots. Depending on how bad it is, this is the situation where we bring out the heavy artillery. We have hydro jet machines to blast through pretty much anything. These things can reach a hundred metres and have to have their own trailer on the van.  Like I said, heavy artillery. The pressure they pump out is so intense it shifts matted roots and all sorts.

Go with the Flow

There’s no getting around the fact that work at the serious end of drain cleaning can be pricey. And at the same time, it’s necessary. You can’t live with blocked drains. At Jim’s you can get the work done and delay full payment with our zero deposit interest free plans**. It gives you the chance to space things out to fit your budget and suit your cash flow. The main thing is that your drains are flowing.

Get it Sorted

So if you’re having hassles with drains backing up and stinking and just not doing the right thing, get on to Jim’s any time and we’ll get it sorted with our blocked drain services.

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