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Biocycle Aerobic System

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These aerobic systems are manufactured in a number of names such as Sep-Treat, Ri-treats, Enviro cycle, Eco cycle and Biocycle. In a domestic home, they are roughly around 7 and a half litres in volume and is a tank where water and sewerage from the house are collected treated and then discharged out onto the garden.

At Jim’s Plumbing, our plumbers are often called to these tanks where either the tank is blocked or the sewer piping leading up to the tank is blocked. When this occurs, we are often able to use one of our electric machines in an attempt to clear the blocked drains.

Most of the customers we encounter with one of these Bio units is normally located in a regional/rural area, due to not normally having the main sewer line in which the house can connect to, like most main city areas. These pictured aerobic systems have superseded the old septic tank, as most councils no longer allow basic septic tanks to be installed due to hygiene and safety regulations.

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We often have a customer call out to blocked drains which require machinery to clear the blockage. Not all plumbing companies own these types of machinery, however, Jim’s Plumbing has a large range of machinery to unblock all types of blockages including hair, roots, paper, dirt and many other causes. We have the ability to work on pipework connected to main sewer lines and pipework connected to septic tanks, we’ve tackled it all before.

Our plumbers are all fully qualified plumbers with years of experience and knowledge behind them, so if you have blocked drains, or any other maintenance plumbing issues that need to be seen to, give Jim’s Plumbing services a try by calling our team and book in to have one of our fantastic plumber today.

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