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Avoiding Chaos with Trendy Laundry Room Upgrades

Versatile Mudroom Laundry

Laundries are the most eclectic room in a house. That’s where all the bits and bobs go, creating some kind of organised chaos that no one wants to deal with. The laundry quickly becomes a forgotten void of mess.

Yet it’s a place where creativity should be present. Space can be maximised and the true multipurpose benefits fulfilled. Your kids, your pets, and yourself most importantly, can enjoy the benefits of a trendy laundry.

Here’s some inspiration to take on board so you can make the most of a trendy laundry.

A Pet Friendly Laundry

Tired of forcing the dog to step into the bathtub for a wash? Sick of stepping on cat litter pellets? How about a pet friendly laundry, then?!

A laundry space tailored to the needs of a pet certainly doesn’t have to put your own desires on the backburner. The idea is everything is incorporated in a way that maximises space and comfort.

Just think about it. You could have:

  • A dedicated dog bath/shower at the perfect level for your pooch
  • Underbench dog or cat beds, allowing your fur-children to stick close and not take up space
  • Pet murphy beds which can fold up and down when required
  • Hidden cat litter trays located underneath benches or behind a discreet opening
  • Built-in dog (or cat) crates to keep the fur babies at rest during the night
  • Seamless storage solutions for pet food, collars, cat litter, etc.
  • Slide-out drawers for pet food bowls

Depending on the size of the laundry you can also go all out to make it pet friendly or start small. Converting one cupboard might provide just enough space to breathe easy. And to avoid another misstep on cat litter.

Pet Friendly Laundry

Mudroom Majesty

The mudroom – or mud room – is a more American notion that has well and truly arrived in Australia.

More than just a traditional laundry, mudrooms are a dedicated space in between the outdoors and the cushy home interior you want to keep clean. Think of it as a multipurpose place for washing, storage and a changeroom. It’s where you clean up the mess from a sandy day at the beach or a big camping trip.

In reality, not everyone has the space for it. Washing machines already take up a fair chunk of any laundry, so a mudroom laundry layout is all about practicality.

A mudroom can include:

  • Shelves/storage for boots, gloves and other assorted items
  • Hooks and/or rails for hanging jackets and clothes
  • Storage baskets
  • Doormat
  • Bench seating
  • Powerpoints
  • Sink for washing
  • Pet bath for keeping the dog clean
  • Shoe rack
  • Calendar, timetable or clock

Avoiding Chaos with Trendy Laundry Room Upgrades

European Laundry Organisation

Where the mudroom is seen as a more extravagant space, the European laundry sits at the opposite end of the scale. Euro laundries are nestled into cabinets or bathrooms. They can include just a washer and/or dryer, with optional laundry troughs and ironing boards.

Storage is maximised and so is the actual space within the home. The great part is the European laundry can go anywhere that suits. So you could incorporate it into the kitchen, bathroom or even a hallway, and no one would have to stare at obvious washing machines.

The features are simpler, but they get the job done. Storage rules and so does some ingenious thinking. Think of it like Tetris as you put all of your wishes into a narrow, defined space.

Smart Home Laundry Appliances

Allow laundry room inspiration to take you to… the future! Okay, not really. Smart appliances are the present, and you can embrace them in the laundry.

Enhanced performance can be achieved through smart household appliances like washing machines and dryers.

Modern washers from the likes of Samsung and LG save money and time with smart AI settings. You can enjoy a personalised washing experience that is intuitive and efficient. That means smartphone controls from anywhere and tailored washing and drying settings.

Improved water efficiency and energy efficiency will also lower your annual expenses and bills. That means stress-free enjoyment of a classy, modern laundry.

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