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Afford a New Hot Water System

new hot water system

Hot Water Breakdown

Hot water is one of life’s essentials. When you consider the large unexpected expenses that you simply have to wear, the hot water system is up there with the fridge, the cooker, the washing machine and the car. Actually it’s above them. You might have the option to take public transport or ride a bike. You could be someone who eats out all the time anyway. And there’s always the laundromat. But no hot water? That’s something most of us would very much rather not have to do without.

How Much is a New Hot Water System?

So what can you do if the breakdown of your hot water system coincides with circumstances where money is a bit tight?  You might just be back from a big holiday or spent up big on a new car. Whatever the circumstances, a new hot water system is a purchase that requires dollars numbering in the thousands. Jim’s has the solution. We can arrange zero deposit interest free payment plans** from reputable providers such as Humm, Openpay and Zip. It means you can buy now and pay later at precisely the moment when such a financial service is the perfect saviour.

Interest Free Hot Water

So you can relax about the upfront cost of a new hot water system by arranging to pay it off either weekly or fortnightly. You can choose which suits your income stream and have interest free hot water without waiting.

Opportunity Knocks

They say that every cloud has a silver lining. After you’ve recovered from the initial irritation of having to deal with the hot water, it’s time to think of it as an opportunity. It could be that the system that has failed is inefficient and expensive to run, such as an old electric storage tank. You could turn your back on high power bills and have hot water that never runs out if you opt for a new gas continuous system. Of course, you might not have gas on, but there are modern alternatives that are well worth a good look. Take heat pumps. These hot water systems are second only to solar in the energy savings they offer. Like solar, the initial costs are greater than what you pay for your standard hot water heater, but energy efficient systems pay themselves off over time with the power savings.

Don’t Compromise

With interest free payment plans all these attractive fresh options are on the table. There’s no need to compromise on something as important as a new hot water system. It is on top of the tree when it comes to things you have to spend on. Seize the chance to do it once and do it right.

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