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About Us with Dan the Man

Dan the Man in the Bright Green Van

Hi.  I’m Dan – the man in the green van and the videos. Just in case you don’t want to watch me explaining who Jim’s is and the like, I’ll tell you here.  Everyone’s heard of Jim’s, so I don’t need to say much about that.

Pay No More After Hours

We’re Jim’s Plumbing and that takes in taps, pipes, drains, hot water and gas fitting as well.  We’re different from the other Jim’s because we’re a 24 hour service.  No-one wants their lawns mowed after dark, but if you come home to a burst pipe and absolutely have to have a shower and get to work the next day, you can get Jim’s Plumbing in to fix it up that night.  And you can do that and not worry about the cost.  Our thing is that you pay no more after hours.  We have the same rate Sunday night that we have at Monday at midday.  It doesn’t matter what day it is either.  It can be Christmas Day or Good Friday and we’ll still be on call for the same rates.

Within the Hour

The other thing we do is get there on time.   We aim to be at your door within an hour.  When we get there we offer a quality service.  Our guys are properly trained and qualified for anything plumbing.  Jim’s Plumbing has been at it for 15 years and we know that to keep in the game you have to look the part and have the gear you need in the van to get the job done on the same day.

Oh, and you clean up afterwards.

Interest free, Zero Deposit

When it comes time to pay there aren’t any problems with any cards or cash.  Another thing we have is that if you’re caught short of funds you can still get work done and pay later.  We do a no deposit, no interest plan** that you can pay in instalments.

That’s pretty much all you need to know – we’re always available, we’re on time, we do quality work and payment is flexible.  Contact us today for all your plumbing services.

Jim's Plumbing 15 yearsJim's pluming 15 years