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4 Bathtub Trends for Renovators in 2021

4 Bathtub Trends for Renovators in 2021

A 2020 bathroom trends study by the Houzz Research team in America revealed shifting trends. Fewer people are adding bathtubs when renovating, but roughly one-in-three are replacing or upgrading.

Bathrooms provide the perfect retreat for relaxation and a touch of luxury. It’s easy to forget the day’s concerns with a toasty bubble bath or steamy shower.

However, many homeowners are unhappy with their bathroom because the space is old and outdated. Fad tiles, tapware trends which never caught on, poor colour choices. They all influence how quickly bathrooms age.

The bathtub does the same. Although some modern families have opted to ditch the tub, especially in ensuites, baths will always be popular. They can be trendy, unobtrusive and practical.

And with several considerations to worry about, keeping a close eye on the best bathtub trends of 2021 will help all decision making.

Bathrooms are for Rest and Relaxation

The Houzz bathroom trends study which targeted home renovators found that 41 per cent of people use their bathroom for rest and relaxation. Although that might sound obvious, not everyone chooses to chill in the bath or spend a long time in the shower!

Still, a large number enjoy a big time out around the water. Fifty-five per cent of those surveyed love soaking in the tub while 54 per cent said long showers help for unwinding.

Having the perfect bathroom and bathtub has never been more essential. It’s not just for washing, it’s for self care and comfort. Space is important and so is the overall aesthetic.

Trending Bathtub Designs

There have been some subtle shifts in bathtub trends over the last few years. After claw-footed baths came back into vogue, they have dropped off with flat-bottom baths the new number one.

Sleek and versatile, freestanding flat-bottom tubs complement all bathroom designs. Just over half of recent renovators chose the style when upgrading.

Meanwhile, a whopping 69 per cent flocked to deep soaking tubs, continuing a large upward trend for the enveloping feature piece. What makes a deep soaking bath distinctive is the depth, rather than the width, length, or installation. Typically, they’re at least 14” deep so anyone can settle right in without limbs dangling in the cold.

What has fallen right out of favour is the deck-mount bath which has tap fittings installed directly on top of the rim. The busy design is a touch more old school.

Bathtub Trends for 2021

It’s Okay to be Materialistic

Some homeowners prefer to blend a bathtub in with the surrounds, others see it as a focal point. This is where materials truly come into their own.

Traditional acrylic white bathtubs remain the most popular choice, and for good reason. They complement coloured tiles, wallpaper, plants and more. Inbuilt tubs tend to be enamelled steel, although there is far less surface area on show.

Solid surface, which is a man-made composite, has also gained popularity.

Then there’s the next level of customisation. Concrete, granite, wood, steel, marble, copper. Each material offers something incredibly different. Granite works beautifully for earthy bathrooms, while marble is a classy, modern look.

Lovers of a natural, lush bathroom surrounded by plants might prefer wood or concrete. These baths are not something you can order off the shelf at your local hardware store or traditional bathroom wholesaler, but they’re out there.

Bathroom Textures and Accent Walls

Look past the simple mixture of light and dark and consider how other elements, textures and accents can highlight key features.

A matte black bath offers balance in a lighter room and can really complement subway tiles and black-and-white patterns. White, simple freestanding baths also blend in well with wallpapers and textured feature walls.

The splash of colour catches the eye while the tub sits elegantly. Other shapes will work to different strengths, too. For example, round baths are versatile enough to sit in the middle of a room or the corner.

Colour selection and tile design can then draw the eye to a bold material such as wood, concrete or copper. Alternatively, a traditional inbuilt bath offers a clean slate for tiles and fixtures to really stand out.

The choice is always yours.

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